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Thursday, 11 April 2013

“Don`t Wanna Have No Woman, No Kids”-US Top Gospel Singer, Keith Tynes

Keith Tynes is a native of Miami in the U.S, a great vocalist and erstwhile member of The Platters group, the many awards winning gospel musical band that reigned supreme in the 90s. Born and trained by his musician mum, the gospel artiste of international repute was recently the host of a global modeling event-Top Model of The World where our Editor, Tunde Moshood cornered him for this exclusive interview. The gospel star told us that, he got the musical inspiration from his mum who was always pushing him to play music in his hometown of Miami before he received his first voice lessons at 15. During his studies in Miami in 1976, he committed at the "Miami Beach Symphony" and the "Miami
Opera Guild." In June 1979, Keith Tynes moved to New York, where he starred from July 1979 in the musical "A York Summer " in one of the most well known theaters of the United States, the "Radio City Hall". There he appeared as one of the main Actors.
His first performance in Europe had Keith Tynes in 1980 at "Queen Alexandra House" in London, where he was honored as an outstanding young American singer.
As a member of the famous group "The Platters, he toured for four years
1981 to 1985 in the cities of the U.S and Europe.  After performances with 'The Band of Gold', he began his solo career in 1985 and appeared in concerts throughout Europe and the USA.
In May 1985, Keith Tynes guested with overwhelming success at the "Kleine Komedie Theater" in Amsterdam, with Donna Lynton as guest star.
In summer 1987, he sang in Cyprus during a tour of Gloria Gaynor, Queen of Disco Music, opening act. In the years 1989 and 1991, Keith Tynes guested with huge Success as one of the stars of the Broadway revue show "One Night on Broadway" and "Broadway! Broadway!" in Germany and in Switzerland.
in 1993, Keith Tynes had a booming successful solo career as a gospel singer and produced four wonderful CDs "Keith Tynes, Live!" (1993), "Go Tell It On The Mountain" (1994), "The Message. The American artiste who lives in Berlin, Germany told us about his life, time and disbelief in marriage and kids, you would enjoy the excerpts of the interview. 

Can we briefly have your background, what really prepared you for the future?

Ok, I was born in Miami Florida, U.S.A and I have been religious all my life because I was born into a religious family, so I was always in the church, my mother was also a singer, and a model, so she was my first mentor to teach me about singing, and of course being in church all the time gave me a thorough religious background, from a gospel point of view. So I started to take piano lessons at the age of 12, I didn’t like the piano so much because I had to do it all by myself, and anything I have to do all by myself, I don’t usually like it , I like people around me always , so  then I took voice lessons when I was 15, in high school, so I went to the University of Miami, I have a Bachelor of Music degree, and also a degree in Voicing, and that is my musical background.

Ok good, tell us about family, your immediate family, wife, and children..?

Ok I am still single, so that’s a very short story, I have two sisters, one in Los Angeles, and one in Miami.

What has life taught you?

Hmmm…life has taught me to never give up, I knew that already, but er ,..you know people talk about going through menopause after the age of 50, and I always thought that, that will never happen to me, I will always be a happy guy all my life, I have always been the sunny guy and at 55, I had a down period, but I had to stand again, I had to remember to stand up again.

Does marriage mean anything to you?

No! I have never married, and I wouldn’t marry because I don’t believe that I would find the right person to stay married to.

Why do you say that?   

Because I am a kind of free person, I move around a lot, I travel a great percentage of my time, so that is not something for me.

Do you ever think about having children?

No! Also for the same reason, I wouldn’t do that to a child; you know bringing them into the world and then not being there for them.

So are you thinking of adopting, you want to adopt any, maybe in the future?

No!  I wouldn’t have any of my own, so I certainly wouldn’t take from somebody else.

But you have a permanent girlfriend?

Emmm… Yeah I have several permanent girlfriends….(general laughter!)

Talk to me about the peak of your career..?

I like to think that I have not reached the peak yet, but for me, till now, the best time was in the middle end of the 1990’s that was my best time, I was flown to Europe , and I was doing about 130 concerts a year, at that time, but being on the road all the time, was also not funny, so I slowed everything down and took in jobs as they come.

Ok how many albums have you got so far?

I have four, all gospel, all the ones I did with The Platters, if you consider those as well, we did several singles back in the days, we just did long plays, and I don’t want to consider them as mine, that’s the Platters’.

Ok of your four albums, which will you consider as your hit?

Er...Okay “I Believe”.

So what’s the future like for you? What do you think you should do to get to your peak, since you said you haven’t gotten to your peak yet?

Er…I haven’t travelled a lot in Africa yet,  that’s a market that I haven’t touched, and I do believe that I would have success in Africa,  if I have the right promoter and in China, at least I was in Bangkok last week, and that was my first concert in Bangkok, and I will be back in Bangkok in June, and I have a lot of friends, and you know, the world is a very big place,  so there is still possibility to make another feat somewhere.

So would you like to come to Nigeria, if you have the opportunity?

Sure. Why? I sure would.

Do you know Nigeria is a very big country for gospel music?

Yes I know, I`ve heard about Nigerians love for gospel music and would love to come.

Tell us how does it feel hosting a big modeling contest such as the Top Model of The World competition?

Well yeah, it’s an amazing experience, to be surrounded, by almost 50 beautiful girls, from all around the world, in every shape, every hair color, everything that is represented there. So it was something beautiful for the eyes to see, but beyond that, I have been involved with a lot of beauty contest over the years, since the 80’s I have done a lot of those, so...And also Miss Intercontinental, Miss Germany, quite often, so er, am used to those situation, but what am not used to, is being a moderator. So yesterday was the second time, I moderated a show, and that was a really nice experience, em I think one should get over the feelings that you might say something wrong, get hung up, on how to pronounce somebody’s name, and just go for it. And it feels good!

What is your own perception, of the ratings of the show?

I thought that the show was extremely professional, I thought Detlef did a great job, putting the show together, I think it  was a great  location, I would like to have seen a little more sharpness from the Egyptian people, they are very lovely here, but things go a little slower than normal . If you need something to happen at 7:30, it might happen at a quarter to 8.

Yeah talking about that, a lot of people were surprised that host country, Egypt has no representation at the pageant? What’s your take on that?

I have no idea why that was so, I think at the moment, with all the problems in Cairo, maybe the Egyptians have their hands full with political problems at the moment and they are not really thinking about that.

Ok what is your belief about life? Do you believe there is life after death?

Sure, my beliefs are evolving all the time, the more I hear about reincarnations, the more I think that there is a great possibility, that I have lived before, because sometimes, I have the impression that I have been somewhere before, anytime I turn in a corner, there`s this impression  I have sometimes that  I`ve experienced what`s around that corner before, but  maybe it`s just a sixth sense, I don’t know, I can`t explain it, but yeah, life is ever changing, I know when I was growing up, I was set, in a certain way in my rules, but I think the older you get, the more you learn, the more you figure out, it`s never what you thought when you were growing, you know the older you get,  you get to be a little wiser and figure out what you don’t know.

It`s been nice sharing your time

Thanks Tunde am so grateful for this gesture, please let`s work more on the Nigerian trip, am really looking forward.

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