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Monday, 9 July 2012

Sen. Bala Mohammed`s Looting Jamboree of FCT Abuja

The looting of the collective treasury belonging to the federal union of Nigeria has continued to enjoy a celebrated silence inside the corridors of power of the federal capital territory [FCT] Abuja as the Minister of the FCT Abuja jamborees on the sudden wealth gotten through the illegal revocation of land from common citizens for sale to highly placed politicians in return for quiet but handsome payday.  Information disclosed to this office indicates that Senator Bala Mohammed has re-baptized the office of the Minister of FCT Abuja to a private looting affair for his family members and friends. Prior to Senator Bala Mohammed’s accession to the seat of FCT as Minister, the conditions around his friends and immediate family reflected an upper middle-class standing on a financial status under the Nigerian financial rating scale. His brother, Multakar was unemployed and idle, one of his other brother, Bappah Muhammed, who is presently a staff at the Central Bank of Nigeria [CBN] was idle, another of his brother, Adamu Yahaya [elder brother] was a former customs officer who was financially weak, and the younger brother to his [Bala Mohammed] wife was unemployed and idle. The recently sacked Chief of State to the FCT, Musa Umar Yashi- did not own a property in Abuja FCT. But all that has changed. With merely a few years at the top of affairs at the FCT Ministry, the financial conditions took a rapid change – the type that should aroused the investigative attention of the economic and financial crimes commission [EFCC] and other anti-graft agencies. On the first level, the brother presently employed as a staff at the CBN is reported to have since erected an estate in Bauchi within the span of time that Senator Bala Mohammed became the FCT Minister. The estate, according to the source, is called Gubi Housing Estate. Multakar, the unemployed idle brother without an income is reported to have also erected a ‘mini’ estate in Fadan Mada located opposite the former deputy governor’s house. Adamu Yahaya, the former custom officer, recently purchased a house in Bauchi from the former Speaker of the Bauchi State of Assembly at the price tag of N70million. Bala Mohammed’s wife’s younger brother, on his part, has since become the owner of six standard mega filling stations in Bauchi State. The Personal Assistant to the FCT Minister, Bala Gar, also partook in the looting jamboree. He recently purchased a home valued N60million in Bauchi metropolis. But none of the symptoms of the looting jamboree quite presents itself boldly as the broad day actions of the recently sacked Chief of Staff, Musa Umar Yashi. Authoritative information reveals that Musa Yashi who was the closest associate of the FCT Minister had engaged and executed many of the shady deals for the FCT Minister. The Chief of Staff was reported to be the Minister’s point man. The FCT Minister’s point-man recently completed the purchase of N1.1billion house in Maitama Abuja at 36 Maideira Cresent [See Pictures]. In addition to the exorbitant price paid for Maitama house, a recent in-house investigation turned up N7billion discovered hidden in the Access Bank account of the Chief of Staff. The outcome of the said in-house investigation remains unknown. But the Minister to the FCT was reported to have sacked the Chief of Staff on Monday July 2, 2012 following what insiders at the Minister’s office indicate was the result of the excesses of political baggage weighing on the person of the Chief of Staff. In essence, the Chief of Staff was becoming too ‘dirty’ for the image of the FCT Minister who is said to be preparing for the gubernatorial race in Bauchi State come 2015. The FCT Minister, on his part, has been caught with his hand in the kitty on numerous occasions – as he has clandestinely managed illegal revocation of lands in FCT Abuja from innocent would-be homeowners to top politicians and their wives. As we gathered, the FCT Minister had utilized the power of his office to revoke certificate of ownerships of numerous landowners in the Apo area of the FCT – and has transferred ownership to the 1st lady. The revoked area is being erected upon with luxury row of apartments – allegedly built for the 1st lady by the FCT Minister. Meanwhile the political climate at his home constituency in Bauchi south district appears to be heating up to problematic levels.  One of the elder statesman of the state commented bitterly on the activities of the FCT Minister as wanting. It was disclosed the FCT Minister, has woefully failed to make his impact felt in both the FCT and the north-east sub-region that he represents in the federal executive council.  FCT Minister has brought shame and disappointment to many of Yuguda’s supporters who voted him to the senate against a more credible candidate, Ahmadu Adamu Mu’azu. We have regretted voting for Bala Muhammed and we shall not repeat that mistake again. And as an FCT Minister, he has brought more hatred to the Jonathan administration than love and support despite the efforts of the President to achieve his transformation agenda“ a source added. It was alleged that the only achievement of the FCT Minister in the open is his determination to enrich members of his family and those of his wives against service delivery to the FCT residents.

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