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Monday, 9 July 2012

Gov. Kwakwanso`s Son, Mustapha Quizzed By SSS!

Information recently made available to us through sources close to the happenings within the government house in Kano State reveal that the eldest son of the State`s Governor, Mustapha Kwankwaso was quizzed by agents of the State Security Service [SSS] over a drug induced drunken altercation with an Imam and the men of the Joint Task Force [JTF] at Kundila along Maiduguri road in Kano State recently. The incident occurred on Sunday June 17, 2012 at Kundila along Maiduguri road at 1pm when Mustapha who`s in his mid-twenties drove in a Honda vehicle [aka Discussion Continues] with two other friends and arrived at a traffic congestion caused by a JTF checkpoint. The restless Mustapha, we gathered, instead of taking his time maneuvered the vehicle into the other lane facing the oncoming traffic in attempts to beat the traffic congestion caused by the JTF team. Unfortunately for the young man, as he steered the vehicle violently into the other lane and began racing in a manner deemed reckless, he was said to have nearly struck down an Imam of a nearby Mosque at a nearby housing estate. But the Imam was said to have ran into the sidewalk to save his dear life. The people nearby who saw what had happened rushed to the aid of the Imam. As residents were comforting the Imam who is said to be well known in the area, the silverspoon lad, we learnt stormed out of his power ride in anger but couldn`t compose himself, he was too drunk to stand up right “his speech was somehow” and the “boy looked so dazed with bloodshot eyes”. It was evident that the bluish green colour of his tongue gave him out as an addict of a new version of drug popular among these well-to-do youths. He rained curses, lambasted and threatened to hand over the Imam to the JTF men as a Boko Haram suspect. And as if that was not enough, Mustapha we were told went to the trunk of his car and brought out a pistol when onlookers tried to reinforce to safe the Imam whom he had insulted but for the quick intervention of an SSS officer who informed the JTF team nearby, the angry mad boy would have possibly pulled the trigger. Even he almost had his way with the JTF men as he introduced himself as the governor`s son and would like the Imam dealt with but the SSS officer who had witnessed the entire brouhaha signaled to the JTF and briefed them everything that has transpired. The SSS officer, we learnt took over the matter and detained the Governor’s son at the Kundila roundabout and alerted the director of SSS. Trust your dear nation, the boy began to make calls and before you knew it, directives had come from powers that be and the boy was only cautioned and asked to report to the office of the director of SSS at a later date.

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