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Monday, 9 July 2012

Am A Farmer, Publisher, Baker and ….Grandmother-HALIMA ABUBAKAR

 Halima Abubakar needs little or no introduction, she’s one of the most sought-after actresses in the movie industry. The screen diva and multiple awards winning star recently turned 29 and as expected she threw a lavish party that had high profile celebrities in attendance. Enquirer Faith Irabor had an interesting time chatting with the Kogi state born actress who spoke on issues you would love to read. Come along. 
What ’s been happening to Halima lately?
Yeah, good things and of course work! Been shuttling from one location to another and we bless God for that. Then I also just finished shooting my personal movie though still at the editing stages.
So who are casts and who directed it?
It was directed by Stanley Ebonile of Mode House Productions. As for the casts I  have Yvonne Nelson, Mary Uranta, I have myself, Bobby Michael, Ruth Kadiri and some up  and coming acts in the industry. We just finished editing and I’m still not satisfied, so I’m going to re-do some scenes because we lost voices on some, so I am going to add more casts to it.
Oh really, so what’s the story line about?
It is about love, relationship, life and then games that’s all.
Your career took a sudden shape for good recently and there are speculations that apart from working more on your acting skills, your new sense of fashion contributed to it, what’s your reaction to this?
Ok, there’s no way I will put God aside when answering this question because to some extent you’re right on the aspect that things are going well for me though it can be better. As for the clothing aspect, I want people to see beyond that. I am not going to win the biggest award in fashion if one is organized. What I’m just saying is that no matter how much or how left or right I go with my dressing, it’s the way I want to come out and the way I carry it that matters. The fact is that I know fashion like others do but I choose not to dress the way others do ; I just want to do my  thing in my own unique way whether they like it or not it’s something that I’m happy doing, so I don’t think my fashion sense has for once affected my career.
Do you mind sharing one of those challenging periods in the industry when you felt like quitting?
Yes, sincerely severally. I was depressed for a long time; I was on medication of different kinds, people just don’t know they were seeing just the outside and criticizing, they didn’t know what I had to go through to be here today.
Can you share one of such moments plus the sacrifice you made to be where you are today?
It’s not easy oh, for over eleven years! I remembered one particular experience when I was called for a movie, all the way to Asaba, and when I got there another person was already shooting my scene, and I had to enter night bus crying all the way  back to Lagos. It was a painful experience I must confess.
Waoh! But what was the excuse the director gave you?
I don’t know, see I don’t want to expose the producer but definitely it was because of one of those embarrassments that they expect to put upcoming actresses to and I did not want to go through it so I had to come back to Lagos. Mind you, I have encountered these several times, but now I’m glad because I can say yes or no to jobs if some of them don’t want to give me, it will give me time to rest and think about the future and what else to do; even if I’m not acting truthfully I will still be successful ;  but I’m sure a lot of them are ashamed because of what they had to make me go through; but I’m still glad for those who  trust me,  invested and believed in me, I have nothing to say than for God to bless and enrich them  and they  will never lack; and for those who laughed at me during that period and all that (laugh) today.
You recently added a year, any resolutions?
Oh… just to be myself, that’s my resolution and keep praying, my focus actually is God and every other thing is secondary.
I heard you celebrated your 29th but I seriously want to contend it?
(Laughs) Sweetie, how old do you think I am?
I don’t know it might be that you removed or added something and that’s why I am interested?
Ok, no I’m not 30, I’m somebody that should be proud of my age because it’s not easy, so I don’t have time to lie. My sister, that’s my real age o.
There have been several speculations that you have properties here and there though some have also help you denied it, so what’s the true situations of things?
I’m a business woman and I’m proud of it so people should learn to understand that.
That has not answered my question; ok what do you do aside acting?
I am a farmer, a baker, I breed chicken, (laughs) I am a grandmother of so many, my goats and sheep recently got delivered, so I’m into farming.
Is it true that fire gutted one of your houses?
Yes that’s in Kano
So what are you doing to it now?
We renovated the house but the business am doing there has been shot because of the insecurity, I mean, who is going to patronize you when everybody is running away from bomb, so we are relocating from Kano to a safer place.
Are you planning to have one in Lagos?
Yes, by the grace of God; I’m looking at an environment where they will like bread (laughs) and cake before we start, I’m still looking around, we have seen one or two though.
Then also let’s talk about your personal life, a few of your close pals are of the opinion that you’re not the serious relationship type?
I just don’t share that aspect of my life, though it’s not true.
Is it that you’re less bothered because of past heartbreaks?
I have never and this is the truth, I don’t know how to lie about things like this, I have never been heart broken in any way before; and secondly I just think my career is what people should be interested in, my private life is my business; of course I love the institution of marriage, you have to marry the right man hence you`ll come out of it, I don’t want to come out and come to think of it, it`s not that I’m even 30 yet, they want to marry me off or something.
No, but at least you should have a view that you are in a relationship and you are working towards something positive?
Okay , Yeah I have a relationship, I have a man and I love him, I just don’t want you or anyone to know him, I hope you’re satisfied.
Is he in the industry?
Oh God! No
 If he proposes to you today, will you say yes to him?
Oh yes of course!
OK what was the attraction?
He is funny that’s all
Just that?
Not money, career and everything?
Money keh, he his funny he makes me laugh he gets my jokes and I gets his even if it is dry.
Are you serious?
Yeah, so we are just basically two funny people that clicked
So how long has the relationship been on?
Two years
Would you consent to marrying a married man like some of your colleagues? 
Like I said everybody has destiny and a path, so theirs is different from mine.
But If it is your destiny would you do same?
Oh sure.
Are you kidding me?
No am not. it is destiny you say, but if it is my choice no.
But is your relationship altar bound?
Sweetie, I didn’t tell you he is my fiancée. 
Sorry…is he married?
Can you quickly run us through your educational background?
Oh I’m educated in and out, period, I saw walls of University and more.
I also learnt you’re going into publishing, is this a rumour?
No… it’s not, see I need to invest more in businesses as a matter of fact  I’m a publisher already I have my own magazine it’s titled Mode House.
Do you have a copy here?
No, it’s not here.
What is it all about?
It is about me.
Are you serious?
As in published by Halimah Abubakar?
Is it life style magazine?
Is life style, chronic and everything that I am doing on the red carpet.
How are you going to be selling it or is it for free?
Yes, we are already selling it in Kwara State.
How much?
It is 200.
Is it an all coloured magazine style?
Yeah it is all coloured.
And you are selling for that cheap price?
Yes, I want to make it affordable so that people can buy it.
But why are you not making noise about it?
Automatically yes because I want to bring it to Lagos but for now it is in schools.
Why Kwara State? 
Because my younger brother is there
Ok, so that he can be overseeing that aspect?
Yes, he`s doing that already, he is only promoting the students of the school, the upcoming musicians, actresses students coming up in various fields, soon we will bring it to Lagos.
Probably to launch it?
Yeah to launch it,  I want to launch it in each local government, that’s the strategic plan am trying to work on right now and make the necessary arrangements  before going fully into it. But trust me it’s not going to be a threat to any magazine, it’s just Halima… don’t worry (laughs). Your magazine will still sell and other magazines will still sell, I’m just excited.
So where is everybody, your mummy and siblings?
They are in Lokoja. My dad is in the farm not like farm compound, our farm is in the farm house, so my dad is retired  and he is now taking care of the business,  I’m here trying to do as much as I can do;  and then my Mum is into the bakery, bread business so basically we are now into the family business.
Where are your younger ones?
One of them was in Kano schooling but now she is in Lokoja till everything is cool, she is the last in school any way. The rest are all graduates. My younger brother is going for his service, and my elder sister is married with five kids so my Mum is not in a hurry to get one from me.
For your fans out there what do you have to tell them?
God bless you, embrace Halima’s dressing if not leave me alone let me wear what I want to wear and be happy with it.
And what would you want to be remembered for?
It’s been nice chatting with you
Thank you so much.

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