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Monday, 9 July 2012

Marriage, Music, Branama Kitchen - KEFFE OBAREKI

Call her one of the prides of the nation`s indigenous gospel music and you`re sure hitting the nail on the head. That`s the dynamic star singer who recently re-married to her beau, Star FM On Air Personality (AOP) Teddy Esosa after her failed union with ex manager Alec Godwin. Keffee is no doubt one of Nigeria`s hottest Gospel artistes. The Branama crooner who has won several awards for her outstanding musical performance recently held a colour bloc party in honour of the Dana Plane crash victims. Enquirer`s Faith Irabor  was at the shindig where she cornered the entertainer for an interview and she spoke about her marriage, pregnancy rumour and her forthcoming concert. Excerpts.  
What’s the motive behind the party you recently had?
I have actually had it in mind before now to have a party and do a colour block dress code with the major aim of remembering victims of the Dana air crash because I have a foundation (Keffee Peace Foundation) and we will be visiting them next week to donate some relieve materials to their families. The essence of the party is to use part of today`s sales proceeds at Branama Kitchen to buy some relieve materials and donate it at the crash site. And I just hope the little I do would be able to make a difference even if not much.
 Why did you decide to tow this line of business?
Cooking is one of my hobbies. I’m a good cook and I like good food. Good food makes the heart glad. I decided to explore that part of me because people enjoy my cooking and they tell me. So I decided to give it a shot. I’ve got some of the best hands to work with in the kitchen too.
What have you done to ensure you retain first time callers and how affordable are your meals?
I always tell people to expect healthy and delicious food with swag at affordable prices when inviting them to my Kitchen and trust me they’ve not have cause to regret it. To make this a success story we’ve employed people from different parts of the country to prepare special dishes from various ethnicities. Special delicacies from Niger-Delta to Northern, Eastern and Western parts of Nigeria are available at Branama Kitchen.
You’ve been married for a while and I must confess you’re glowing, what has marriage changed about you?
Thanks, well to be honest I now have peace of mind and I am a more happy person and maybe that’s what you saw that made it seems like am glowing.
Then you’ve also added weight and there are speculations that you’re pregnant?
(Laughs) Whatever! Well I don’t respond to speculations, and that’s all I will say on this.
So which is your preference of sex for a first baby?
Well, the truth is I don’t have any, it’s whatever God gives me and my husband that we will gladly take.
You just mentioned your husband, how would you describe him?
I just wrote a song that has been enjoying airplay for him and it’s titled Beautiful. That’s what I call him and that’s what he is to me. Teddy is just a blessing to me.
Then aside the appraisal what has marriage deprived you of?
Absolutely nothing and that’s the truth and it’s because my husband appreciates me the way I am and I don’t have to change anything about myself right now.
What do you do to ensure you release good music and when is your next album billed to be out?
I am always very passionate about serving my fans good music and with people like Teddy who inspires me around as well as some good producers that I work with, am sure I won’t disappoint my fans by God’s grace. I will not stop writing good music. My next album is going to be ready very soon and I am also planning a concert to that effect.
What type of concert are you looking at and when will that be?
Yeah it’s going to be all girls band from the backup singers to the instrumentalists. I would also be featuring artistes like Timaya that I have done collaborations with. It would happen in October, 2012.
 So why the colour block idea?
Actually aside the idea of wanting to do this because of my foundation and the victims of the Dana air crash, this is ironic, the way am just feeling emotional within me, my life is like a rainbow right now and thanks to God for bringing my husband into my life after all the storms and rain.
You seems to be enjoying your marriage and count yourself lucky to have found your man from the way you are eulogizing him?
Ah! is he not also lucky to have found me, am a beautiful African woman o. anyway I am grateful to God for his special love for me.
What would you say is the ingredient that is making the marriage work your way?
 (Laughs) I know God is the secret to every successful marriage and mine is not different and would never be by His special Grace. Having said that, I feel what is making my marriage work should be kept personal and besides what works for me might not work for my neighbour.
How do you relax?
Keffee likes watching movies and reading when she is not in the studio or out of town. Singing is one of my favorite hobbies and I will continue giving it my best by God’s grace.
Not much has been heard about your family?
Yeah my parents are Deacon and Mrs. Andrew Obareki. We hail from Sapele, Delta State. I have three brothers and two sisters and they’re doing well in their respective fields.
Can you still remember your journey into the Gospel music?
Ok, my music career started at the age of eight in the children’s choir then, though I later moved on to the adult choir when I was fifteen and when I was eighteen I was made the choir Director because, I could teach the three parts namely Soprano, Alto & Tenor. The choir released a couple of albums where I took lead vocals and backup vocals as well then and like they say the rest is history.
What about your educational background?
I attended Ayomanor Primary School Sapele, Ufuoma mixed Secondary School Sapele, and the University of Benin where she studied Public Administration.
Finally what message do you have for your fans?
I love you all and please keep remembering me in your prayers and I promise not to disappoint you as you’re yet to see the best of Keffee. Thank you all.
It’s been nice chatting with you?
Thank you too!

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