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Monday, 9 July 2012

Jonathan Lobbies UK Govt. For IBORI`s Release…Mistress, Udoamaka Freed

A former British Foreign Minister, Lord Malloch-Brown has revealed spirited attempts by some federal government officials to get ex-Delta State Governor, James Ibori, returned to Nigeria to face prosecution. Lord Malloch-Brown told a London Newspaper recently following accusation against him that his relationship with the unit (Scotland Yard) was indirect. The man revealed that he was heavily involved in the Ibori case because there was tremendous anxiety from the Nigerian government about it. ‘Their argument according to him was that surely he should respect Nigerian justice and if there is a case it should be prosecuted in a Nigerian court. He narrated that he therefore found himself self talking repeatedly to the most senior levels of government in Nigeria, explaining to them that it was important to hear the case in Britain. ‘‘I defended the unit and what it was doing at diplomatic levels’’ he disclosed. It was further disclosed that the ex governor was allegedly involved in more financial embezzlement of about  200 Million Euros as against the ten count charge of money laundering and financial fraud of about 50 Million Euros leveled against him in April 2012 when he was sentenced. Then the court said it discovered that Ibori bought six properties outside Nigeria worth £6.9 million, including a flat in St. John’s Wood, a £2.2 million house in Hampstead and a house in Regent’s Park. He also bought a fleet of cars and ran up a £920,000 credit card bill and that Ibori instructed a London solicitor to buy a private jet costing £13 million. It was also disclosed that a 45-year-old detective constable was also recently arrested. He was questioned about claims that he was given cash in return for providing information about SCD6’s investigation into James Ibori’s case and that Scotland Yard also known as the Metropolitan Police, is battling another scandal following allegations that its detectives plotted with private investigators to hack into email accounts and cell phone of UK’s former Foreign Minister, Lord Malloch-Brown, former Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the METs, Cressida Dick and and Nemat Shafik, Permanent Secretary at DFID. The plot was said to have been executed in 2009, when detectives from the MET’s anti-corruption and money laundering unit, SCD6, arrested Chief James Ibori. Meanwhile, Ex-Governor James Ibori’s mistress Udoamaka Onuigbo has been released from a UK prison after serving only two years of her 5 years sentence. Ms. Onuigbo was found guilty on a three-count charge of money laundering in June 2010 and was sentenced to five years in prison by Judge Christopher Hardy of a Southwark London Crown Court. She was released from prison last week and has returned to Nigeria. Also James Ibori, now said to be a born again Christian, according to online reports, spends most of the days in prison reading his Bible and praying fervently. He said he has fasted about four days in prison. He was sentenced to 13 years in jail but may spend less than 5 years.

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