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Friday, 10 February 2017

Oh Gosh! Susan Peter’s Fanfare Marriage Crumbles…Actress Shots-Out Of In-Law’s Burial

Nollywood actress, Susan Peters must definitely be going through a lot, even though she’s not showing any, this much National Enquirer can authoritatively reveal. According to informed sources, the superlatively celebrated marriage of the Benue born multiple award winning actress to her Dutch beau, Dr. Croon has crumbled!

We have it on good authority that, the marriage which was contracted in 2015 didn’t last a year before husband and wife parted ways and as a matter of fact, the Benue born star actress has deleted every pictures that got to do with Dr. Croon on all her social media platforms including the removal of the name, Croon. (Please confirm this if you’re her friend on instagram)

‘’The marriage has since packed up for long, for instance  you’ll noticed she’s been posting some memes like kind of parable directing at the man, and again, she used to include the husband’s name and also, wife on her instagram profile Susan Peters-Croon, wife but everything is gone now, she’s just Susan Peters and no more attachment, she’s single again’’, the source told us.

And as if that’s not enough, the actress was conspicuously absent or maybe was deliberately shot out of the picture during the burial ceremony of her mother in-law sometime late last year, 2016 and the strange thing was that, Susan was in Europe when this happened.

A deeper investigation done by this office revealed that, the duo are really not compatible as they always pick on each other on slight provocation, they were said to be patching things up even while honeymooning in Paris and things got out of hand when Susan Peters was given the script for the Mary Remy’s ‘’Husband Of Lagos’’ series which further kept her away from the man, this, we gathered was the last straw that broke the camel’s back as the Dutch man finally left.  

Susan Peters has since kept mum on the reason she removed her husband’s name and the wedding pictures from all social media platforms. Efforts to speak to her have been meeting brickwalls.

Kehinde Falola

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