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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Breaking! Nigeria Customs Begin Manhunt For Officers Behind Amunition Containers

If you’ve been following the trend of things, then you must have read the strange story of how some container loads of assorted riffles developed wings and found their way out of the Apapa quay in Lagos yesterday with the aim of taking them to circulation but for the quick intervention of the Field Operation  Unit-FoU which quickly nipped it in the bud.

At least for once, the authority has stood up to the challenge this time as a panel headed by Dan Ugo of the DCG, Investigation and Inspection has been set up to unravel the mystery behind the imported rifles. During its findings, the panel found two men of the customs culpable of the offence and the officers, Abdullahi I. with service number 44483ASC and Odiba Haruna Inah service number 133386ACIC are said to have ran away.

In a release signed by Dan Ugo with the photographs of the criminal minded officers affixed and made available to the media, the two men have been declared wanted, ‘The above customs officers are wanted in connection with the clearance of 1x40ft Container No. PONU/825914/3 found to contain 661 action rifles. Whenever/wherever seen, they should be arrested and taken to the nearest customs formation and contact the undersigned immediately, please. 08033551952, 08035980568.

This prompt action by the customs command has been appreciated as a welcome development but not without exposing the men behind the importation of the container full of assorted rifles.     

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