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Friday, 10 February 2017

Gov. Emeritus, Bola Tinubu Fires US Based Baby-Mama Over Reckless Ways

Maryam Abeke, one of the closest confidants and baby mama of the governor Emeritus of Lagos and APC Leader, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is gnashing her teeth even though, she’s been dying in silence pretending she doesn’t care losing her once-upon-a-time man who almost got her a space in heaven when the going was good.

The US based breath taking beauty, Maryam Abeke is one of Tinubu’s mistresses who enjoyed good time and bore him a lovely daughter, Sidney who’s a striking resemblance of the political stalwart. Those who’re privy to their once chumming relationship confided in National Enquirer that, Abeke further won Jagaban’s heart when on delivery, the baby girl was a perfect replica of the political game changer at birth.

We gathered reliably that, the baby girl, who’s now 11 years is such her father’s carbon copy that, she began to wear glasses at 4 and you don’t need a soothsayer to know her father the moment you see her eyes, lips and other noticeable vital parts of the Lion of Bourdillon’s body. See pictures.

Everything was fine and good until Sidney’s mother, Maryam Abeke changed her winning ways, the fashionable lady, National Enquirer gathered suddenly became a celebrity overnight attending every social engagements in town, in fact, she’s practically the cynosure of all eyes at musical shows of notable songsters like 9ice and so on, hanging around young stars to stamp her social status.

Our impeccable source disclosed that, it wasn’t long she joined the bandwagon of boisterous show-off celebrities that things began to crumble and instead of her to retrace her footsteps, she got carried away with the whiff of merry making until she finally lost it.

Some of her friends are saying she doesn’t care too and has moved on with life as she seems to be tired of being caged all in the name of staying in a conditional relationship where you can’t have your man anytime you want him.

‘’She’s now independent of herself, she shuttles between Nigeria and the US, and even more visible in Naija where she’s enjoys good company of the type of guys she likes’’, the source told us on a final note.

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