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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Ruth 1470 Boss, Goodwill Akhigbe Hosts Friends To Double Celebration

 It was a gathering of colourful guests drawn from all walks of life the other day when the beautiful boss of Ruth 1470, Goodwill Akhigbe decided to throw a double celebration ball.

The Edo State born hard working lady added another year and decided to appreciate the blessings of God in her life by using the opportunity to unveil her unique jewellery business-Ruth 1470, thus; the reason behind the gaiety mood to treating her very good friends and clientele to sumptuous meal and assortment of liquor.

According to the birthday-girl, Ruth 1470 is an outfit that cares for style icons, most especially fashionable students and fashionistas in the oil, banking, telecommunication and business world. We make exclusively bespoke necklace for different occasions like weddings, naming, birthday party or as gifts with different types of beads like coral beads, glass beads, wooden beads, clay beads, plastic beads, Shamballa style beads, pearl beads, shell beads, semi precious stone beads, swarovski and pendants to mention but a few.

Our unique jewellery is affordably enticing and can be made exclusively to suit your style and social outings at any time, we try to shy away from mass production syndrome because our clientele are not just special but fashion prides. 

At Ruth 1470, our customers are the king, that's why we treat them special, all you need do is place your order and we shall meet up with your needs. You can reach us on any of these numbers: 07038093594, 08023049544 08066897313. Below are faces at the event and some of the stylish coral beads.

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