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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Revealed! The Incredible Salaries and Entitlements of Ex-Governors, Deputies

Shortly after his victory at the poll, the President-Elect has begun to identify some of the excessive financial leakages that's wrecking the nation's pulse and one of these several recklessness is the cutting down of jumbo payments to erstwhile State governors, deputies, their families and even domestic staff.

Following General Buhari's treaty to end the payment of pensions to former governors of Nigerian states, people's lawyer, Festus Keyamo has expressed his pleasure at the decision.

Fantastic, fantastic," said the lawyer, "it is a very welcome proposal.

Vanguard newspaper has meanwhile published a list of states that have passed the law, through which ex-governors enjoy a stream of wealth, some even equal to what the incumbent governor earns.

- LAGOS (100% of basic salary)
The Pension Law named the Lagos State Governor and Deputy Governor pension law of 2007 declares that a former governor and family (spouse and children both married and unmarried) are entitled to free medical treatment which is not capped."

Furthermore, an ex-governor is entitled to a cook, a steward, a gardener and other domestic staff (who are also pensionable.)

Vanguard newspaper publishes the benefits as follows:

Annual Basic Salary: 100% of annual basic salaries of the incumbent governor and deputy.

Accommodation: One residential house in Lagos and another in FCT for the former governor; one residential house in Lagos for the deputy.

Transport: Three cars, two backup cars and one pilot car for the ex-governor every three years; two cars, two backup cars and one pilot car for the deputy governor every three years.

Furniture: 300 per cent of annual basic salary every two years.

House maintenance: 10 per cent of annual basic salary.

Domestic staff: Cook, steward, gardener and other domestic staff (no limit) who shall be pensionable.

Medical: Free medical treatment for ex-governor and deputy and members of their families (not just spouses).

Security: Two DSS operatives, one female officer, eight policemen (four each for house and personal security) for the ex-governor; one SSS operative and two policemen (one each for house and personal security) for the deputy. PA: 25% of annual basic salary.

Car maintenance: 30% of annual basic salary.

Entertainment: 10% of annual basic salary.

Utility: 20% of annual basic salary.

Drivers: Pensionable (no limit to number of drivers).

Severance gratuity: Not specified.

Other states include: Kwara, Rivers, Edo and Oyo states...

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