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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Yes, I’ve A Political Godfather-Arc. Tunde Ojo

Dynamic, bright, promising with quite an intimidating professional dexterity as a fulfilled Architect, Tunde Ojo is one of the young up and coming experts warming up for the anticipated political revolution come 2015. The handsome man of style who’s an Architect and hotelier is leaving no stone unturned to convince the electorates that it’s a new era and it is high time the youths wrestle power from the stranglehold of old politicians who have dominated the scene before most of the youths were born. He shares his manifesto with Faith Irabor.    

You are one of the young and promising architects who’re doing well, what do you need politics for giving the danger inherent in it?

Well I am not just delving into politics; I have been in politics for a few years now though I am officially running for an office now. I remember I started politics like fifteen years ago when I was in Yaba College of Technology when I was the President of Archi Students Association. We didn’t have student Union Government so we the head of departments formed the Student Union Government’s (SUG) board of directors where I was very active. It’s since then that I have picked interest in politics.

A lot of people believed that the current state of the Nation has a lot to do with the negative impact of Nigeria politicians regardless of the level, how would you correct that impression if you are given the chance? 

By the Grace of God we are going to demystify the office, people like us that are coming into the practice from private sectors are coming into the public sector to make that positive change that is required. And for you to be able to do that you need to be accessible to the people so as to listen to their opinions and do their wishes and that is one thing we are coming out to do when we get to the office in 2015 by the Grace of God. There has always been this clamour in my state that people like us should come out for political offices so we can change the equation of things and thanks to my party, All Progressives Congress (APC) for given us all level playing ground so the contestants that the masses want to represent them from Chancellorship to the Senate can come out to serve according to the wills of the people.

This explains why you need to clear the air on the allegation trailing the party just like other parties that aspirants without god fathers might be wasting their time and money?

I have a god father too and my god father is the God father of all, He is the Almighty God and when God is the God father of all, nobody can stop me. If it is me it is me with all due respect to our leaders. That is not to say am against the idea of having a god father in terms of advice because they are more experienced than we the aspiring ones but now the truth of the matter is, everybody is on ground to make sure the party retains their seats, the popular candidates and the candidates who can change things for the better win the primaries. What I am trying to say is, yes we might have elders giving us advice and directions in our party but when it comes to the preferred candidates, people are the ultimate so they don’t impose.

Let’s have a quick peep into your manifesto, let’s say you are addressing the youths, as a representative of your constituency?

We have a-five-cardinal point, not only for the youths; one on our programmes is woman empowerment. We have 22 wards in my constituency (Ori Ade Obokun) Federal Constituency of Osun State. We intend taking at least three women from each of the wards and empower them. As for the Youths, their empowerment programmes have already commenced even before the election. We are creating a data bank for the Youths who are graduates but still job hunting. The data base is ongoing in my constituency as we speak and the essence is for us to have an idea of where and how to attend to them. We are relying on this data like they do in the private sector and by and large what we will be doing with them is to use our goodwill to get them jobs, open doors for them with the little contacts I have like the Minister for finance, Minister for Science and Technology, and few more that I know pleading with them to employ our youths whenever there is vacancy regardless of their numbers within the first two years. Also for the artisans, we’ll be training and get them tools to use. It will also interest you to know that we ran adverts on the radio for people to pick up forms for Adire training in Ijebu Ijesha and Obokun courtesy of Arc. Tunde Ojo and we recently concluded the training where over two hundred people benefitted from. Before now we also did career development talk for over two thousand youths and that is part of the empowerment we are talking about. We also intend attracting private investors to our constituency. Thank God am coming from that sector, it won’t be difficult to convince my friends in the sector to associate with us. We also want to be an eye of the Governor in that constituency because the governor cannot see everything, that’s the truth but people like us who are his foot soldiers will be able to give him feedback on the people’s needs.

How do you intend juggling your hospitality business, Architectural firm with politics if you eventually won which will be by God’s grace?

Presently we have a group, Archi Consult and hospitality is also under it. Before now I have MDs on all those companies, am just the chairman and what that means is, I will just relinquished the Chairmanship to be a non Executive director for the few years I will be in politics. But by the grace of God I might not come back to those companies because I want the companies to grow and be independent on their own.

How about your family?

Yeah am happily married to the most understanding woman in the world and we are both blessed with two kids. I love them so much and won’t take their understanding for granted. I will always create time for them no matter how busy I am.

I wish you the very best in your ambition sir

Thanks Faith for your time.

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