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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Ebube Nwagbo Exclusive "My New Hair Brand, Miss Global Nigeria's Posh Divo Deal"

She’s definitely utilizing the limelight bestowed on her by her dramatic incursion into the movie world. Today, Ebube Nwagbo, the curvy, sexy and beautiful Igbo born star actress is one of the best brands in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Whilst her contemporaries are waiting to becoming brand ambassadors, the stylish dimple faced actress has been endorsing her own brands. According to her, the joy of getting ambassadorial endorsement in the corporate world won’t be a bad idea but there’s nothing like the ecstatic feeling and pride of building one’s own brand even though it takes time, hardwork and perseverance. She spoke to National Enquirer’s Faith Irabor on marriage, career and her new hair brand, Posh Divo.    

What's been happening to your acting career and business life?

I have been extremely busy with work and business, it has been a very busy year but that is not to say that I am complaining. I thank God for every bit of it shuttling within Lagos and Asaba where most of the movies are shot, it’s not been easy aside the international trips I seldom embark on based on my hair and accessories business but thank God It’s been a fruitful 2014 so far.

Your movie titled ‘’Smile Again’’ which was recently released showed your versatility in scripting, did you buy the script or it’s based on true life story?

The Script idea came after a movie I saw even though it had nothing to do with the storyline. I wanted to relate the script with the happenings in our society and of course as a strong believer of love and God's miraculous ways of doing things, I was convinced I can invest in it aside using it to pass a message to everyone. It's a family story, a movie everybody can sit and watch. It preaches God's love for us and why we need to be hopeful regardless of our present situation. It’s been released into the market already and still doing well

How have you been able to sustain your Posh Hair brand which has successfully flooded the main stores of Trade Fair, Lagos Island, big saloons and more within the space of few years?

My sister it has been God and pure hard work. I believe the brand became a household name in the market because I also ensure I give our customers worth for their money without having them to break a bank. There are loads of hair brands out there in the market but Posh hair cut across for every class of person. I think that’s one of my trade secrets, there is always something for everyone, and it makes you stand above the crowd in style.

What about your new brand of hair (Posh Divo) which we learnt is set to hit the market in a couple of days, what differentiate it from your Posh Panash, Posh Brazilian, Peruvian, virgin and the rest?

Posh Divo is the latest addition to my Posh Empire as I love to call it. It is 100% Brazilian Virgin Hair and comes in different short lengths in a pack. It is different varieties all packed in one for the value of one. That is its difference from other Posh Products.

You recently won a fashion & style award beating some of your colleagues to it, what inspires your dress sense and what are the three most important items you can't do without?

I love to put on whatever suits me and I advise everyone to please do the same. I know and understand my body type and structure and as such ensure that I dress according to them. I can never be caught in an outfit am not comfortable in. The first rule in fashion is making sure you are comfortable in what you are wearing. 
You should wear the outfit and not the other way round like most ladies. I am not particular about following trends or big names, as long as what am wearing suits me and my hour glass figure is not disfigured am good to go.  And my most three inseparable items, I can’t do without my lip gloss, Sunglasses and of course my smile!

Won’t it be safe to say you are on relationship break as you've refused to be link to anyone since the last affair you had?

Well I wouldn't call it a break candidly; let’s just say I have decided to channel my time and energy into becoming a better person aside expanding my business and career.

There's been couple of wedding ceremonies and unfortunately breakups in the entertainment Industry, what's your take on marriage and how soon do you intend towing that part?

Marriage is sacred. And nobody goes into it with the intention of it breaking down the next minute. Everybody wants to be happily ever after including myself. So it has to be done right and at the right time with the right person. I realize why most marriages fail is because of societal pressures. People have age tag for women especially expecting us to automatically become Mrs. Somebody even if it entails suffering and pains. Life has advanced beyond that, for me the main thing is to be happy and proud with our decisions in life because the people who misled you will be the first to laugh at you when the chips are down.

New faces are surfacing in the movie industry which makes it more challenging, how do you intend remaining on top of your game?

Well, the truth is, the sky is wide for enough birds to fly. Having said that, I will remain being myself (Ebube Nwagbo).  I will never attempt to be like the next person. The industry is big enough to contain all of us. It shows we are growing, It’s a good thing.

The year is gradually approaching the end how would you review 2014 so far?

2014 has been a great year so far aside normal challenges here and there. But I remain thankful to God for His blessings this year. It’s been an awesome year for me, career, business and family wise. Life comes with different challenges but being able to pull through makes it interesting and worthwhile.

What would you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered as a young lady that created an impact and touched lives through her job as a role interpreter and created job opportunities in my own little way through my business and gave back to the society. I can't do all these without God by my side. It’s been God always and forever

And your message for all customers of posh hair and fans?

I love them all. Thanks for believing in the brand, there won’t be Ebube Nwagbo if not for you all and I remain thankful for all your messages, emails and phone calls, please keep patronizing Posh hair and also buy any movie you see me as you have always done. God bless you all.

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