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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Promotions Scandal Rock Nigerian Police…New IG, Suleiman Abba Jittery

Okiro...PSC Chairman




Miller Being decorated by Pres. Jonathan
All is definitely not well within the province of the Nigerian Police as the new boss, Suleiman Abba who has just been confirmed as the substantive head honcho of the NPF might not be finding things easy as you read this.

Though, the level of corruption at the Nigerian Police Force is said to have no rival as none of its successive administrations from inception, right from the Alhaji Ibrahim Coomasie days would go scot-free of any probe panel.

The very latest of the scandal rocking the Nigerian Police Force right now is the issue of the secret MEMO which is presently generating controversy amongst superior police officers and we gathered the new IG, Suleiman Abba has been jittery over what the outcome might be if the said MEMO is released to the circulation.

According to inside sources, some greedy and insatiable high ranking Police officers are said to have lobbied the Aso Rock Lord or maybe someone that has the president’s ears on the need to raise the bar in the leadership of the Mobile Police Squadrons which comprises of 57 Commanders-the anti riot section of the Police.

This office gathered reliably that Mobile Police is one of the lucrative sections of the Police force in this country and the officer who usually steers the helm of its affairs are Squadron Leader, someone in the rank of Superintendent of Police-SP (1 Eagle Supol).

But the signal coming out exclusively from the office of the Inspector General of Police, Suleiman Abba has it that, some greedy SUPOL who have tasted sweetness of the pudding have advised the Police authority to start installing high ranking officers from the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) post to head the Mobile Squadron and what this means in essence is that, by the time they start doing these postings, it will favour none of the young officers (SPs) but they who had served as Squadron Leaders when they were SPs thereby bringing them back as fresh Squadron Commanders.

This MEMO is said to have been given a nod by the powers that be but the new police helmsman, we learnt is jittery of releasing it to the circulation because of the troubles it might generate just as tongues are wagging on some of the promotions and decorations of quite a number of the officers serving in the seat of power.

According to informed sources, 2 of the Presidential Police aides, Miller Dantawaye and Moses Jitoboh are some of the people enjoying this type of gratuitous fraudulent promotions in the Nigerian Police Force.

Whilst their contemporaries and course mates in the Police Force are still struggling with Superintendent and 
Chief Superintendent ranks, the 2 officers who’re serving the President directly have enjoyed special promotions to the enviable rank of Commissioners of Police within 3 years, just because they’re serving the President.

Our dependable sources gave the case of Moses Jitoboh who has never served anywhere else from day one except the office of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan where he started as ASP when he (Jonathan) was Bayelsa deputy governor shortly after he finished from the Police Academy. Within the spate of seven years or thereabout, Jitoboh rose geometrically from ASP to become a CP today.

\Moses Jitoboh, a super cop and the ADC to the President is one of the richest Police officers in this country, aside the special promotions which he enjoyed regularly as one of the closest to the Aso Rock Lord, he’s also said to be the one doing the President’s dirty jobs including being the first to taste his food as well as stunting for the No.1 citizen.

Another officer that’s enjoying same special and tremendous promotions amongst the President aides is Supol Miller Dantawaye now Compol, he’s now been promoted to the post of Commissioner of Police and a special post has been calved out for him, he’s the Commander of the Presidential Escort in Aso Rock. 
With this, intelligent experts are so baffled at the reason why a President should have 2 Police Commissioners in his retinue of security details.

We also learnt that same goes to the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan who had to ring the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Mike Okiro to promote her police escort when madam’s aide complained but unfortunately he (Okiro) rejected it, this we gathered was due to the fact that, Okiro himself had tried to favour his personal assistant but fell on IG’s deaf ears.

And in another development, Aso Rock once approached defence authority to give soecial promotion to the President’s military aide but the defence authority shunned the ideas as it simply explained promotions in the military are done across board.    

The rot in the police is so bad that the rank and file officers are worst hit as many of them don’t get promoted on time wearing a particular rank for years without getting to be elevated to a befitting position for a long time unless you have a godfather to help you out. We shall serve you the second part of the police scandal in our next edition.

Jite Usman

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