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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Jungle Justice In Aso Rock…Dame Patience, Dieziani In Slapping Drama!

The scenario is synonymous to the elevator fight that ensued between American celebrated rapper Jazzy and

sister in-law Solange Knowles which broke the internet when the video was released few months back.

Yeah you read the caption right, the beautiful and ever supportive First Lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan according to Aso Rock Grapevines recently reminded Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Dieziani Alison Madueke of her ability to put her in check anytime she feels like.

The President’s wife we authoritatively gathered slapped the petroleum minister recently when the two powerful women ran into each other at the Presidential Villa for allegedly shunning her even as her aides greeted the 1st lady.

The 1st lady we learnt has encountered such scenarios on few occasions as the Petroleum Minister is allegedly fond of looking away in pretence whenever the duo happens to meet in any gathering unlike other Ministers who pay her homage everytime.

A lot of the people close to presidency believed Dieziani holds the key to the President’s heart and this explains her unimaginable behavour towards those who are not her loyalists in the Presidency, National Assembly as well as her colleagues.

An experiment of this could be traced to how she shook off the ex Aviation Minister Stella Odua, who unknown to many had a fierce battle with her, as they both occupy different spaces in the heart of the president and were always trying to witch hunt each other.

nother clear reason why Dieziani is arguably the most powerful is the blunt refusal of president Jonathan to get her sacked despite all facts pointing towards her excessive ways of squandering the nation’s oil money, acquiring private jets, several oil rigs and vessels.

Insiders at the Villa also narrated that the First Lady after the embarrassing scenario has been advised by the President’s mother to ignore Dieziani for the sake of her husband’s reputation and 2nd term ambition as efforts to get His Excellency to relieve her of her duty has been abortive.

We hope the minister gets to read this and give respect to whom its due if there is any iota of truth in the information as efforts to reach her was abortive as at press time.

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