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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Pastor Ighodalo’s Wife, Ibidun Ajayi In Kidnap Mess!

Ibidun Ajayi, the very beautiful wife of celebrated pastor of Trinity House fame, Pastor Ituah Ighodalo is sure in dire need of being in custody of children, and this, she will do with her last breath, a reliable family source has just confided in National Enquirer. The wife of the general overseer of the Trinity House we gathered is presently involved in a kidnap mess.

According to National Enquirer’s impeccable source, the University of Lagos graduate and former Lux beauty Queen, Ibidun who’s the brain behind one of Nigeria’s most patronized event outfits, Elizabeth R is said to have illegally taken custody of her brother’s 3 children, Zion, Zalem and Zephan (All boys)  without their mother’s consent.

Our dependable source disclosed that, Ibidun conspired with her blood brother, Dare Ajayi who’s having an irreconcilable misunderstanding with his wife, Lamide Agunloye to cunningly pick the children from school before the woman who has been singlehandedly taken care of the kids could get to pick them, a case some people have termed to be tantamount to the condemnable Chibok scandal.

It was exclusively disclosed to this office that Dare Ajayi and his estranged wife Olamide Agunloye ended their once blissful union following series of counter accusations on both sides with infidelity and maltreatment being his ex-wife,   major grouse.

We further gathered that Dare had briefed his celebrity and influential sister of his decision to retrieve his kids from their mum and because of her status in the society coupled with richness, the Pastor’s wife, we were told had promised to help me out and get custody of the kids by fire by force.

This, we learnt was sequel to his estranged wife’s  refusal to allow the kids go on holidays at his place since he has stopped taken care of the kids’ responsibilities, the woman we gathered had been the one vending for her wards.  

Dare, the close family source hinted had frowned at his former wife’s effrontery and had in turn vowed to use any means possible to have possession of the kids and would never allow the woman have access to them again, a threat his ex-took with a pinch of salt.

Ms Agunloye however got the shocker of her life when she was reportedly told that her ex -husband had come to pick her kids from their school in Abuja.  The most intriguing aspect of the saga, we further gathered was that he allegedly flew the kids to his sister, Ibidun’s house in Lagos. Ibidun, the source revealed has since taken the position of Lamide as the kids who now stay with her amidst tight security call her mum. The soft spoken entrepreneur, also  ensures the kids go everywhere with her including Church services, fun places like the Palms, Lekki, Ozone Cinema, Shoprite and the rest.

Ms. Lamide Agunloye however tried to see her kids as she visited the Ighodalo’s home following an information that her kids are with the sister-in-law, but she was denied entrance by their tight security who disgraced and sent her away from the vicinity without wasting any time.
In an effort to get the story balanced, we tried to get a response from Mrs. Ibidun Ighodalo but her reply was rudely shocking, we didn’t expect such an attitude from a presumed respected woman of her status, as a celebrity, she should have appreciated the fact that we took the pains to get in touch with her in the first place and use the opportunity to put the record straight, but we guess there’s no one to be put straight, this is what ensued between Ibidun and this office, “hello madam, please we’re calling from National Enquirer, eh! National what? National Enquirer ma, yes, what can I do for you, it’s regarding a story that you’re having custody of your brother’s children without their mum’s consent, please, please, I don’t want to say anything about my brother and his marriage because I have high respect for him and besides I don’t know how the story is connected to me”. “And am sorry to say this but please you can go ahead and write whatever you want to write”, as she hung up on us.

Faith Irabor.   

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