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Friday, 13 June 2014

Alaafin Of Oyo, Gov. Ajimobi In Contract, Assassination Mess…Lawmaker’s Life Under Threat As Presenter Loses Job

There’s a serious scandalous controversy rocking the Oyo State government and the Alaafin of Oyo’s palace over a contract scam. Both the Alaafin, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and the Oyo Governor, Sen. Ajimobi are said to be trying hard to cover the shame and scandal, and to the extent that, the lawmaker that opened the can of worms, Hon. Kamil Akinlabi is being alleged to be on the assassination list of the Alaafin. And in another development, the radio presenter who was on the line of duty, we learnt has paid dearly by losing his job through an order by the government House forcing the National Broadcasting Commission to sack the gentleman. 
Renowned broadcaster, Edmund Obilo, had just aired an interview that exposed how the Alaafin of Oyo, and the Oyo State governor, had allegedly been sharing the money belonging to the state, under the guise of fake contracts. A Nigerian House of representatives member, Kamil Akinlabi reveals this secret on “Bull’s Eye,” a popular radio interview programme, anchored by Mr. Obilo.

The management of the Ibadan-based Splash FM, had shortly afterwards fired one of their best broadcasters, Mr. Edmund Obilo, on Friday on the request of the Oyo State governor, Mr. Abiola Ajimobi.
Mr. Obilo has been consistently exposing corruption, and the failure of leadership to stop, or investigate that corruption in Oyo State, under the present administration. This has made Mr. Ajimobi and his cronies to force the owner of the FM Station, Chief Adebayo Akande, to fire Mr. Obilo

Mr. Obilo had anchored different programmes, such as “VOICES,” "Bull’s Eye," and "Economic Search Light." These were noted platforms where activists and ordinary citizens are invited to express their views and opinions on national issues.
Recently, Mr, Obilo drew an ire of the governor after the interview that linked him and his wife to Mr. Mukaila aka Auxiliary, a notorious National Union Of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) thug who is currently standing trial for murder and gun running.
In addition, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Minister of Finance recently claims Oyo State government received the huge sum of 100 billion naira in 2013 of which there is no project in Oyo State to justify the amount received.

Today, Oyo State is broke, to the extent that the government cannot afford to pay workers’ salaries on time. Mr. Ajimobi had been fingered in many shady deals, including a private refineries built in Lebanon with stolen funds.

Here goes the controversial interview with Honourable Kamil Akinlabi by Edmund Obilo.

From the way you sound, it seems you have declared war on the palace?
The palace has declared war on me.

The palace has declared war on you?

And you are ready for that war?
Yes, I am prepared for that war and I will face it.

You are ready to fight it to the last?
Not even to the last, but I will fight to win.

You want to fight the Alaafin?
Look, let me tell you, there are certain things that are not expected of a traditional ruler.

And what are those things?
Those things are that a traditional ruler must not be a hardened criminal.

Did you say the Alaafin is a criminal?
Yes, he is.

Honourable Kamil, did you say the Alaafin is a criminal?
Yes, yes because I have incontrovertible evidence.

What are you trying to say?
I have incontrovertible evidence that Alaafin wants to assassinate me. I have reported it. That is a source of investigation; I will not go into that here.

Alaafin want to assassinate you?

Honourable Kamil?
Yes, just for his son to be a member of the House of Representatives.

You’re talking about the Alaafin here?

The King of Oyo?

The man you have worked with for over the years?
Look, let me tell you everybody in the palace knew what was happening.

At what point did you fall out with the Alaafin?
At the point I felt, .. I did not know anything and he would have been the chief mourner, if the plot had succeeded. We have been silent these days, because we wanted to separate the person from the office and that is why we have been keeping quiet. But now that they have come to the public domain, once you naked yourself in the public, several people are bound to see your nakedness. And we are ready to expose him.

When did you fall out with the Alaafin?
Let me tell you what happened, immediately after the election the Governor gave us some positions, that we should put our people. I said no problem. Younis Akintunde became the Commissioner for Works.

And before he even became Commissioner, he has been servicing the palace.

When you say servicing, how do you mean?
He has been bringing money to the Palace.

When he became commissioner, he started doing it in greater proportion. So I did not know. Why Kabiyesi started a stupid move on how to remove him. There is no point or argument as to removing him or not, because it was an appointment.

It was Alaafin that chose him as commissioner?
Yes. And he is free to remove him, but in removing him, you need not lie. All of a sudden we discovered that, he started lying that Younis did not bring anything to the Palace. Eventually the man was removed. And I asked him, that Kabiyesi, that position was given to you to honour you. You could have just told the Governor, look for irreconcilable differences you want the man changed instead of lying. You have killed that man.

When you say lying, is it true that Younis Akintunde was removed for collecting money from contractors and not remitting to the Palace?

What is the lying you are talking about?
The lying I was talking about, is what you just said. There was nothing like that.

He did not collect any money?
The money they gave Younis Akintunde to give to him, Younis gave it to him. I was not in the
country; he called me himself that Younis brought so so amount of money, that when I come
back he will decide what to do with the money.

How much are you looking at?
I think it was about $130,000 or there about. N18 million naira.

We are talking about government fund here?
It is not about Government fund. It was a kind of a contract that was awarded in the
name of Alaafin. And alaafin sold it. The proceed was what Younis took to him and
 he did not even say thank you to the Governor. When the Governor saw him, he pretended
 that nothing happened and started telling lies that Younis did not bring anything.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
NB: National Enquirer is on the course of investigating the matter especially the National Broadcasting Commission angle, it is unacceptable to sack the presenter over the interview and we shall let you have the full reports.                                                                         

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