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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How A Pastor, Wife Escaped Abuja Bomb Blast By Air Breath

It must have been the grace of God that saved Pastor Avanti Jonas and his wife, Alice who escaped the bomb explosion that rocked the federal capital territory this evening leaving scores dead and many injured. It was a gory scene as rescue workers had to rush victims to the Abuja general hospital in droves.

National Enquirer gathered that the Pastor and his wife who got married last year, 2013 had gone to pick just few stuff at the popular, Emab Plaza which was the original target of the suicide bombers before it escalated and spread to Banex. And since the couple wasn’t buying so much, they agreed that the wife sit back in front of their Toyota 4 x 4 truck which was parked directly opposite the plaza while the Pasto- hubby quickly dashed in.

And no sooner the Pastor left the shopping centre than the bomb exploded and the man of God escaped by the whiskers thinking that his wife had been caught in the web of the disaster. According to an eye witness account, the pastor had even started mourning his wife, crying uncontrollably at the sight of a corpse which looked like his wife until he saw the watch on the woman left wrist, he was later convinced the corpse was not his wife.

Meanwhile, the wife too was so confused and thought her husband had perished in the bomb blast but as fate would have it, they finally saw each other and gave thanks to the Almighty. The wife, we gathered had to run for dear life by squeezing herself out of the window of the truck, the windshield got shattered and the truck was almost a total wreck. The couple who run Hephzibah church located in Kado area of Abuja has since been full of praise for the amazing wonder and second chance the Lord has given them.      

Jite Usman

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