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Monday, 15 October 2012

My Parents` Break-Up Push Me To Music-G-lory

She`s on the verge of breaking loose to proof the stuff she`s made of in the Nigeria`s flourishing entertainment world. That’s Glory Bonsjak, a.ka G-lory-a drop dead beauty who`s the newest bomb waiting to explode in the music industry. Calving a niche of uniqueness in her genre of music which she called, Pop House, there`s no doubt that, there`s a big vacuum and windows of opportunity for the talented song writer, composer and singer who studied music in Switzerland. She spoke with Editor on her background, life and plans for the music world.  
Can we have your background?
My name is Glory Bonsjak, stage name G-lory I’m from Delta State, Warri.
Can we know more, your maiden name, educational background?
Yeah, I was born in Warri and I grew up in a family of six, three boys and two sisters, I’m the number fifth of my family and I did my studies in Delta State, my Primary and Secondary school; then I moved to Lagos met my husband then moved out of the country and I studied Music in Milano.
That means you got married immediately after school? 
Yeah, I started life early, I got married at eighteen (laughs)
Wow that’s interesting
So when was this?
I met him at eighteen and we got married when I was twenty, I think
What year did you get married?
The year 1999
What did you study abroad?
Music, though I only sing because it was very difficult for me to play any instrument so I learnt writing lyrics and just music
Ok what’s your maiden name?
Ok my dad’s name is Ridge, my great grand dad is from Britain and my father’s mother is Itshekiri
So you`re a quarter caste?
Wow! So what’s daddy doing?
Daddy and mum are late, they are in heaven right now but daddy was a business man, he was a ship charter as well, he used to work in the ship when he was younger then he went into Real Estate you know and I guess life caught up with him when he separated from my mother, it was very difficult for my mum, as she had to raise six children by herself and that kind of push me to face life at a very young age, I felt like I was responsible for the rest of my siblings even if most of them were older than me and that deprived me sort of, yeah, I didn’t had the opportunity to kind of study in the University which if I didn’t regret anyway, I wouldn’t want to change anything now because I think I am happy with where I am right now, I read very well, I write very well I think I am blessed that’s what I’ll say; but I had to take on from my mother so I studied music to get me to where I want to go because this is the thing that I wanted to do in my life.
Despite that, there would still be something left to adjust, no how?
If there would be anything, it would have been to keep my mother and father back together, things would have been better but as a child you never really understand, they never really tell you what is going on and we always felt it was our fault, that’s why they kind of break up. Now that I am married and have my own kids I understand relationship better and is not everything that I want to let my kids know or even if there is any issue at all I wouldn’t want my kids to see that. So I guess my parents didn’t want us to see any of it until things really got out of hand and we started seeing things because he drank a little bit too much
Your dad?
Yes and he was a fantastic father and still he`s to me till today, he will always be my father may his soul rest in peace but you know people get caught up with life
Good, what would you say you learnt from your parents` break up story?
It broke us because when my dad left, we suffered, my dad was very wealthy and when he left my mother, my mother had to struggle for six children
Did he take another wife?
Yes, he married another wife and had couple of other kids out there and they had to share us; I remembered my sister and I, Blessing she lives in Switzerland, my dad took me and her and left the rest for my mother and my step-mother  was very horrible to us and she treated us like slaves, she gave us food from a little plate like she was feeding her dogs and when we do something wrong, I mean we were kids, kids do silly things at times but that doesn’t mean you have to kind of lock them up in a store, she will leave us there for quite some time, it was a terrible experience for us. So my sister and I started selling, we were very creative so when we were coming back from school, we used to pick clothes (materials) that tailors have used and we`ll sew it into bobby clothes and we were selling those clothes because at that point my dad did not care how we eat or what goes on with us, he was just in control of my step-mother and she wasn’t very nice to us, so we sold those clothes and the kids around the block will come and buy them for their dolls, my sister and I were having some money from time to time, so we used to miss school just to go find our mum to see her, I could remember one day, we begged her to come and take us, that we were suffering, we were not happy and I used to always get into fight in school to protect my sister, you know she had this scar as child in one of her eyes, so kids always making fun of her and I used to always get into fight (laughs) just to protect her.
You know music is booming right now in Nigeria, what differentiates your kind of music from others here?
Yeah, I think I love Nigerian music, the afro stuff is fantastic, I tried it but it didn’t really work out for me, I realized that the only way my music can actually succeed is doing what I do best, being myself, you know I get inspiration from within, so I do my own kind of music, pop house.
That’s what you play, pop house
Yes, pop house and I can sing anything, any kind of music but I find it a little bit harder to sing in pidgin English not that I don’t know how to speak and talk in pidgin English like am from Waffi but it is difficult for me to sing in pidgin English you know it just doesn’t flow the way I would like to express
Ok good, you`re very sexy and weird on stage where did you get your signature from?
Thank you (laughs) you know I try not to accept the fact that I have two kinds of personality, when I am on stage I’m totally different. My real name is Glory, Glory is very conservative, she is calm, she is very family oriented but G-lory is wild and when I’m on stage, I am G-lory and I just don’t care, I just want to entertain.
What turns you on, on stage, like I know musicians do marijuana, spirits, cigarette and so on?
I used to smoke, I used to be really crazy back in the days when I was younger, I ‘m still young though, I wouldn’t tell that I haven’t tried marijuana in the past, it was just not something that I liked because I like to always be on my toes, I like to be aware of what happens around me I like to be in control, I like to feel like I’m a leader, so I don’t need all those things, am already crazy enough, I don’t need all those things again, I mean that marijuana thing is something I tried just like that, I felt I almost went crazy and I promised myself not to try it again.
So what exactly do you take now?
No, I only drink socially when I’m out and because over the years I kind of found out that am always having continuous pain in my legs the next day if I drink alcohol, so now I don’t mix my drink, and I don’t go out all the time, I`ve tried to find out which of the drink will not give me this legs hangover again, but all of them has hurt my legs until I started liking Hennessey, I know it’s really strong but I try to keep it moderate.
People believe artistes are flirt is that true?
Yeah, most artistes are flirt, but no, I think artistes in general, they are artistes, they are entertainers so every artiste gets to flow, you know, not that they are flirting, yes everybody flirt but not flirting to be in your face like that, but people love to love artistes and artistes love to love their fun (laughs).
How long have you been an artiste?
I first sang when I was 8 years old in church.
Let’s say professionally
Professionally for about 10 to 12 years but I stopped for 4, 5 of that years to stick to the family front and just a year and half ago almost 2 years now, I kind of got back.
In the course of your profession have you falling in love with any of your fan?
No I love my fans, I love when people show support.
Ok will you date your biggest fan?
I am married, I don’t need anybody else, I have the man of my dream, my husband loves me and he takes care of me now, you know I travel a lot, it actually takes a wonderful man like him to actually be in support of me travelling, I don’t need anybody else.
Your husband is not always with you
I travel yeah, we live in Switzerland but most of the time I have to be here, I have to be in the State or England or in France.
But is he waiting?
My husband is a big business man.
Ok how do you manage the private life?
When I’m in Switzerland… Oh gosh… am not going to talk about my sex life but we had a great sex life.
Ok what`s your dream for G-lory as a brand?
As a brand? Gosh! my dream is to run the music world, you know I see myself everywhere, I want my face to be everywhere, I actually have plans that I’m working on right now by the grace of God when I get to that place that I need to go, you know lots of people do charity stuff where you go for the homeless, needy kids and especially the infants. I will actually like to be there for those boys on the street, those boys they don’t have anybody for them and a lot of them they do crazy things, they don’t believe anybody really love or care for them, am really looking for a way how it can work out, what you know can be given back to them so that somebody can show them love. People do go to school to get degree or something but if you are not street smart, you cannot really do anything. And those boys, most of them can read but you know I would like one day to have that opportunity to kind of help most of them to get education, I mean join with their street smart gosh.
Nice one. You are very charming and beautiful what is your beauty routine?
My beauty routine, I’m very picky I kind of like to say that I’m multi talented in many things, I do a lot of things myself I’m very picky about who does what for me, so when it comes to my hair and style, I used to own and I still do it but it’s music that kind of taking more of my time these days, I used to sell human hair, I still do it so the Brazilian, Indian, Caribbean kind of hair and it`s called Hair Diva, so I like to say I’m a hair diva (laughs)… and so I like to have my particular look and people(clients) identify me and they want a particular look and I had to provide it for them so even when I have my stylist come to get my hair done, I tell her what to do because I know what I want.
But that’s hair, your skin?
My skin I take very good care of it.
Do you gym or work out?
I work out but I think since I got back and we moved to my new home, I have just been busy with stuffs and I think moving, carrying stuff is really heavy enough but yes I go to the gym.
What has life taught you?
It`s been adventurous and life has taught me how to be a woman, how to be strong, courageous.
What would you like to be remembered for?
My music, message from my music.
Do you believe in life after death?
Yes I’m very spiritual.
What church do you attend?
I go to the Redeem Church in Lekki, I believe in God, I’m a Christian and I dream a lot and I pray a lot, I cannot do anything without God.  it’s only the strength of God that can take to anywhere, that’s why I’m where I am today. I never thought I could actually pick up after my mum died of cancer and followed by my dad just immediately.
The same thing?
No, yeah well, he died of liver failure but it’s the grace of God that’s why they will always be remembered.
Where are your other siblings?
My elder sister, Faith Ridge, she is an actress and lives Chicago and my immediate senior she`s in Switzerland, Geneva and I have my younger brother, Emmanuel with me and we are very close, we are like twins, it`s three boys three girls so he`s kind of like my partner and the other boys and older brothers they live in Delta.
It`s been nice talking to you?
Same here thanks for your time.

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