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Monday, 15 October 2012

Armed Robbers Storm Yeye Banke Adetoro`s Superlative Bash In London...Royal Fathers, Kwam 1 Run Fi Cover

One of Nigeria`s popular big boys in the city of London, Akeem Adetoro must still be in shock by now as the man about town recently got the surprise of his life during his wife`s 45th birthday shindig which held at the prestigious Oasis Banqueting Suites, Barking, England penultimate Friday,  September 21st, 2012.
In what can best be described as tragedy of the century, the much publicised 45th birthday ceremony of Yeye Banke Adetoro, Akeem`s better-half was not just disrupted shortly after it kicked off, the high profile guests in attendance which include two Lagos royal fathers, Osolo of Isolo, Oba Kabiru Agbabiaka, Borokini of Isolo, Chief Amuda Yussuf, the owner of New World hotel in Isolo and Oba of Epe got were humiliated and disgraced while Fuji messiah, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal who got a whopping twenty thousand pounds (20,000 British Pounds, far more than N5m!) to perform “dis-fara-marathon”, meaning he took off according to one of the guests who called in.
The ceremony which has been tagged party of the year in the city of London abruptly ended when some gun totting touts stormed the venue amidst merry making brandishing dangerous weapons and injuring scores, the celebrant and her husband we gathered lost almost a million British Pounds Sterling which was lavish on expensive wines, liquor, assortment of local and intercontinental cuisine, Aso Ebi, musical band, hotel accommodation, logistics and other unnecessary worldly accomplishments.
According to sources, most of the high profile guests including K1 (Wasiu Ayinde Masharl) were accommodated at The Hilton Park Lane (the minimum for the room is five hundred pounds sterling for a day) and they got 20 rooms for a week, the Aso Ebi was in 3 grades, the platinum boys paid six hundred and fifty pounds and there were guests that parted with 350 pounds and 250 pounds to be part of the team that would have hosted the millennium party.
The highly dependable source informed us further that, top of the range wine had been bought iced to mortuary standard, the hall at the Oasis Banqueting Suites which already gulped several thousand pounds to hire was decorated in a palatial manner while the birthday girl, Yeye Banke and her special friends were said to have flew to Dubai for a-one-in-town diamond jewelry coupled with their expensive Aso Ebi, it was really meant to be the party of the year, the source confided in us.
Trouble started when some guys who had sneaked into the party under the pretense of being guests walked up the stage to whisper to the Borokini of Isolo, Chief Amuda Yussuf who was spraying Wasiu Ayinde, to un-strap his wrist watch and hand it over to them, “the guys were said to have told Amuda Yussuf that, it was his wrist watch they were waiting for and that he should simply give it to them as soon as he`s through spraying the musician or else they will sniff life out of him”, our London source revealed.
Meanwhile, one of Amuda`s close pals, Kareem whom we gathered is the younger brother of Ladi Tinubu was right beside Chief Amuda when one of the boys threatened him to surrender his wrist, Kareem we learnt got mad and gave the guy a dirty slap and this was the beginning of the hullabaloo that disrupted the superlative party. 
We were told that, it turned out to be a free for all fight as the guys who were armed to the teeth injured so many guests breaking bottles and beating them with clubs and other weapons, but for divine intervention, the royal fathers in attendance and Wasiu Ayinde would have been lynched before they run for cover.
 The irony of the whole scenario is that the dare devil guys who disrupted the fun at the party were fully dressed gorgeously in the expensive Aso Ebi meant for the platinum boys and this was what gave them premium welcome at the entrance.
This office is still investigating the real reason behind this tragedy but we have it on good authority that, the London big boy Akeem Adetoro is a notorious drug dealer, and we gathered he was apprehended years back for being in custody of substances believed to be cocaine and worth N9m aboard a London bound British Airways flight at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos. A source who claimed to know Akeem Adetoro and his controversial wife, Yeye Banke has promised to tell us more about their lifestyles including the two shops they operate somewhere in Liverpool area of London.   
According to one of the guests at the party, accusing fingers are being pointed in three directions, there`s an angle that, the guys actually came to hit Wasiu Ayinde Marshal whom they said had once looked down on London boys and has promised never to perform in London again, another school of thought is claiming that, there`s a popular tout simply called Danmole who`s known for harassing people and dispossessing guests of their valuables at high profile parties and they`re also seeing the possibility of a Peckam based drug lord, Femi Small  of Peckam having a hand in it but whatever it is, we shall surely let you have the authentic gist in our next edition.
Jite Usman

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