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Monday, 15 October 2012

Goldie In Pants Exposure Drama

someone who’s close to Susan Harvey a.k.a Goldie to please help inform her to grow up or go completely nude next time she’s trying to pull the kind of stunt she recently did. How best can one describe a semi nude celebrity all in the name of fashion? Yeah this was exactly what the ex Big Brother house mate did at a recent event which took place at Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos. The light skinned or semi albino came into the full hall in a tight fitted black jean on a jumped or better described half nude Ankara top. My concern is not even her top which revealed the whole bra colour (pink) as well as some parts of her mammary glands but for her free for all display of panties. The singer wore a Calvin Klein black g-string pant and you won’t believe she deliberately sat in a position that showed almost half of her buttocks! Guests who sat behind her including myself could not help but wonder what Goldie was trying at as she laughed away with Denrele who sat by her, obviously less bothered about what was being said about her. May be Goldie was trying to let the world knows that she was wearing a designer pant but must it be at the expense of what is supposed to be her dignity? Anyway, this would be a note of warning as she might not get away with it the next time. A word is enough for the wise!     

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