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Monday, 15 October 2012

I Inherited My Curvy Shape From Mum-DANIELLA OKEKE

She’s one of the sexiest fast rising actresses in the movie industry, thanks to her nice curves that commands a second look any day. That’s the pretty screen diva, Daniella Chioma Okeke, the sultry actress who has starred in flicks like Show Me Heaven, Indecent Desire, The Evangelists, Rush Hour, True Confession and a host of others took a break from what she love doing for some time and recently returned with three movies about to be released. In this interview, she reveals to Enquirer’s Faith Irabor why she was off the scene, her blossoming love life and other interesting issues. Please come along.
You’re looking so radiant, what’s been happening to you?
(Laughs) Thank you very much my sister. I have been fine, I have been okay. You know I took a break for a while but I am back now and just finished two jobs in Festac now. I am also working on my own movie. It should be out before the end of this year, 2012.
But you’ve not told us the reason behind the break, or could it be because the scripts were not longer coming?
No o, and remember I told you that I just concluded shooting two movies. I actually went back to school.
Tell us about it?
I schooled in Delta State. I mean I had my primary, secondary and University there. I went to Delta State University where I studied Fine & Applied Arts and major in Graphics Art. I also did a little bit of Theater Arts, so I took a break because I went back to do a course in Film Making.
So you are not affected by the general recession going on in the movie industry just like we have prominent executive producers who have not been shooting films?
Well I will speak for myself, I am honestly not affected though the income or finance may be partly responsible for the reasons some executive producers no longer shoot movies the way they used to. 
What about the perception that actresses compete too hard these days to over shadow each other?
No, I don’t think so. I as an actress have not been too long in the industry to see where I will be ready to allow anyone over shadow me because I have my unique selling point which differs from that of my colleagues. A star is a star and sky is big enough for the birds to fly and if you’re good in what you do, you will surely have your position intact. If you’re talented and it’s obvious, just know that nobody can change that and same thing applies for me.
You’re trying to return to what you love doing, could that be the reason for your new look and curvy shape?
Really? (laughs) anyway thanks.
What can we attribute this to?
Well it’s just in my gene though I try to ensure I stay away from junk food and also work out a lot and I take a lot of water now than before and above all I also exercise a lot.
Can you still remember some of the memorable movies you’ve featured in?
Waoh! That’s a task oh. Anyway I still appreciates my roles in Indecent desires, Show me Heaven, the Evangelist, Rush Hour, Sleek Ladies 1&2, Stronger than Pains 1&2  and a host of others.
Who would you say are your favourites in the movie industry?
Truthfully I have actors I respect in the movie industry especially among my older colleagues and some of the new ones. I won’t want to mention names here because I don’t want to sound like I am offending anyone but they know themselves and besides everyone of my colleagues both the old and new ones are fantastic in their own way.
So any particular embarrassing moment so far?
Well I won’t call them embarrassment per se. You know when you’re in the public glare, you tend to make some sacrifices. You know it could be funny at times when some fans would just run into me and want me to have known them for ages just jumping all over me and wanting my details while some would just beef you for no reason all because they see your face on screen.
What are your favourite meals?
I am not the very choosy person when it comes to that aspect though I like vegetables and any light meal. I also like fruits a lot too.
How do you relax?
I like to relax with my friends even though I have not gotten too many like that. We hang out once in a while when I am not on set or busy. I also like relaxing at home with my family watching movies.
Where are you from?
I am a proper Igbo babe o, from Imo State to be precise.
So who’s rocking your world because it would be difficult to convince me that there’s no man in your life considering your present glowing look?
Yeah I am in a relationship and I am very happy though I don’t know when I am settling down yet.
That’s nice, has he proposed?
No he hasn’t yet.
But would you say yes if he does?
Of course! I will because I love my man a lot.
Can you tell us the attraction?
He’s a wonderful guy and he’s very different from the kind of men that would want to date you because you’re an actress. He adores me and respects me as his woman.
What does he do for a living and was he married before you met him even if he’s now separated?
No! my man has never been married, he’s one hundred percent single just as I am too. Then concerning what he does for a living, I won’t divulge more than I have just done. He’s a responsible Nigerian and whatever he is into is legitimate.
So what message do you have to pass across to your fans that have missed you?
Yeah, they should stay tuned and expect a lot of movies from Daniella Okeke. Then I want to use this medium to thank them for their messages on facebook, twitter and the rest. I am coming back with a bang so they should just chill and wait. 
It`s been nice talking to you
Same here, thanks so much for your time.

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