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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Shame On London Street As Nigerians Fight Dirty After Church Service

Some Nigerian women who were gorgeously clad in white apparels recently disgraced the country when they threw caution to the wind to reach out for each other’s jugular, shortly after they left the House of God where they’ve gone to worship.
Drama played out when these shameless women began to shout on top of their voices abusing each other and later climaxing to physical fight on the street of London attracting a large crowd who watched in surprise.

It is believed the incident happened near a street church as the women had a disagreement which resulted in shoving and pushing. One of the women could be seen shouting and heaping curses on the other woman as people watched in shame. 

Some who commented on the video expressed sadness over the incident as such conduct is capable of bringing shame to the country.

"All just left the church and fighting...such fake people they are one person out of the church and another inside." someone wrote.

Below is the footage of the shameless act:

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