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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Female Comedian, Mandy, Kofi In Armed Robbery Mess!

One of Nigeria's wavemaking female comedienne, Mandy and his rib-cracking male counterpart, Kofi are said to be enmeshed in armed robbery mess. Though unconfirmed, this office has been trying to crosscheck the fact behind this particular pictures presently going viral online. 

In the picture, the duo is seen being interrogated by what looks like a team of crack detective. 
We hope this is not one of those pranks play by comedians to drive home a campaign for new project just like the case of the gangling comedy icon, Basketmouth who put up an amazing skit to push his valentine show in the UK. 
National Enquirer has been sniffing  around since we got the exclusive picture but we shall dig more for our readers' delight. 
Efforts to speak to Mandy and Kofi have been abortive as their numbers rang endlessly without any response.

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