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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

See The Face Of Nicole Otubo, The Wicked Woman Who Runs Nigeria's Deadliest Prostitution Ring.

When your darling National Enquirer broke the story of the wicked woman who traffics, blackmails and records the nakedness of Nigerian girls abroad, just yesterday, little did we know, we were going to get her identity so soon.
This office can tell you authoritatively that, she's been identified and her days are numbered, we're currently working with the interpol to get her arrested in far away Dubai.

According to our sources, the wicked woman who hails from Bayelsa State of Nigeria is Nicole Otubo, her stock in trade is recruiting girls for prostitution in Dubai where she controls their lives under heavy threat.
She's very wicked, she even beats these girls to stupor some time, so many Nigerian girls are at her mercy suffering and they don't have the ability to cry out, they're in slavery and bondage under a heavy threat in Dubai and other United Arab. Emirates' Cities, she's a heavy drunk, the source told us.
We however got her other particulars aside her pictures; madam Nicole lives on building 68 Room 202, Street 5, Discovery Garden in Dubai, and her daughter is presently observing the youth corp in Nigeria. Her phone number in Dubai is +971558378859. We shall let you know as events unfold.

This is the continuation of the viral story The Wicked Woman Who Runs Nigeria's Deadliest Prostitute Ring. you can read the previous story from this link: 

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