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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Exclusive Raw Video…Viewers Discretion Advised The Dirty Secret-Oath Of Nigeria’s Deadliest Prostitution Ring

Probably you’ve heard the story of prostitution gangs and how our nation, Nigeria was once the talk of town in Europe, but maybe you should see the latest in the world of our desperate girls who’re ready to do anything for money. This is the peak of man inhumanity to man, the atrocities of a deadliest gang tagged Nigeria’s highest prostitution ring. What they do they is scout for desperate girls and promise to take them to Dubai for prostitution but before then, they strip them before a camera and record them as they swear to an oath of allegiance while threatening to expose the pictures and post videos on line if they default in the payment of $30,000 (Thirty Thousand US Dollars over Six Million Naira). I, Chisom, I promise to pay up the sum of $30,000 being the total return to my master who took for prostitution in Dubai, I curse myself to perish should I default in payment of the $30,000”, that’s part of of the oath of allegiance that you’ll be privileged to see in the exclusive video. And the madam goes thus, “were you forced to be part of this, if you f’ck us up, we’ll deal with you” and so on.

At Enquirer, we’re leaving no stone unturned to trace the identity of these girls in order to nab the
wicked prostitution merchants operating this cabal. Please send us an email by clicking on”Send Us A Gist” bar on our website and together we can crack this. We’re already spreading our tentacles with security agencies to ease the investigation logistics. Thanking you in advance as you agree to work with us on this. Below are the exclusive videos of the oath of allegiance and how these girls were dehumanized.

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