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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Jimoh Ibrahim’s Wife Fires Hubby’s Most Powerful Female Staff

The business empire of the man that has risen to become one of Nigeria’s leading controversial boardroom colossi, Chief Jimoh Ibrahim might be facing another major setback if information at our disposal is anything to go by.

According to inside sources who confided in National Enquirer, the lady who heads one of the arms of the billionaire’s business conglomerate, Bridget Henry-Iyasere, the managing director of Global Fleet has thrown in the towel. The iron lady whose reign as one of the managers of the moribund Oceanic Bank was said to be notorious tendered her resignation last week Friday.

This office gathered reliably that, her leaving the company in such a sudden and disgraceful manner might not be unconnected with orders from the billionaire’s wife, Modupe who believed that her cups are now full and the time is right for her to leave. 

Your darling National Enquirer was informed that, the once powerful lady, Bridget who stepped on so many toes as the General Manager of Air Nigeria did edge out several competitors to have the stranglehold on the alleged randy billionaire’s world.

And in what look like the irony of life, Bridget did not just get booted out but was asked to drop all company properties including the Prado Jeep in her custody while the billionaire businessman has been left to leak his own wound too. Before she eventually got kicked out last week, Bridget Henry Iyasere has held several topflight positions in Jimoh Ibrahim’s empire and these include, CEO, NICON Investment, Managing Director, Energy Bank, MD, Gloal Fleet to mention but a few.

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