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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Petroleum Minister, Dieziani Dumps U.S Jeweler-Boy-Friend For 7 Energy Boss

If there’s no flame, they say, there can be no fire and in every iota of lies, there’s always a fragment of truth. This is how best to approach the story of the Nigeria Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Dieziani Allison Madueke who we gathered has just allegedly dumped one of her close confidants and friend, Chris Aire, a popular U.S based jeweler for yet another man in the oil and gas industry, Phillips Ihenacho, the CEO of Seven Energy. This much National Enquirer can reveal for free. 

Never mind how we got the story, our source is as good as you can think of, this is the hottest story amongst those in the know, people of high administrative capability, they’re whispering and making phone calls, in fact they want the attention of the C-i-C drawn to the matter because according to them, this is becoming an unbecoming of a high ranking civil servant and supposed married woman.

“Is she the only female minister in Nigeria, the other time it was the rumour of her clandestine move with President Jonathan, they whispered that madam Petroleum “commanded’ the C-i-C out of a very important meeting in London and wooed him with a fake birthday present, and before anybody could say Jack Robbinson, she had allegedly “locked up” our President in a “solitary confinement” and “dealt” with him. The resultant effect was the announcement of the President’s illness and admission in a London hospital,”, the source reminded us.
Sometimes, these stories look strange to us too when we receive them in our News room but because of the caliber of sources who’re not just close to the subject matter but wine and dine with them, we’re most times compel to cross check the veracity and hit the town. It is the story of the “new catch” of the Nigeria Minister of Petroleum, Dieziani Allison-Madueke.

According to sources, the bespectacled woman of substance who has just added another feather to her cap by being appointed one of the key top officers at the 164th meeting of the conference of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries-OPEC is said to be cutting another “show”.
It would be recall that, the influential woman who’s married to the retired Chief of Naval Staff and former governor of the old Anambra and Imo States, Rear Admiral Allison Madueke has been romantically linked with so many top people in government.

This time around, her alleged victim is the handsome Phillips Ihenacho who’s the head honcho of Seven Energy Oil & Gas, the duo is said to be having a chumming affair to the disadvantage of madam Petroleum’s former confidant, Chris Aire-the U.S based jeweler. Chris is said to be so hurt that, he has allegedly promised to fight back while Ihenacho now walks around like a hero.      

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