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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Are These Yoruba Actresses Lesbians?

We have eavesdropped and got whispered to that Lesbianism is rampant and on the increase in the movie industry...and just recently we caught a strange picture of Fathia Balogun, oh sorry Fathia Williams, we almost forgot that her ex-hubby has sued and got an injunction for her to drop his name...and also our dependable source gave us another suggestive shot of actresses, Dayo Amusa, Lola Margaret and Flakky Idodowo caressing each other,s boobs. Ummm...are they really a Lesbians or how can one explain these kind of shots? Fathia,s picture filtered out recently and we learnt the lady beside her is just a make-up artist, so the shot is not as a result of any dry-run of a movie. And as for the 3 actresses, i guess they must have been carried away or what do you think?



  1. Oh my God! I just got to know that my favorite Maria Bello is listed among the hot lesbian actresses. It is a huge shock for me. I was her huge fan. Anyways, my love for her will remain the same.


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