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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Ambassador’s Son Arrested For Drugs In US

If information at our disposal is anything to go by, then one of the children of a respected diplomat, international figure and Igbo high Chief, Ambassador Chike Anigbo may be in soup right now in the US where he schools. The 24 years old spoilt brat, Chukwuemeka Anigbo was recently arrested for being in possession of drugs and also for driving without a license.

According to one of his schoolmates who spoke to National Enquirer exclusively on anonymity, the young man (Chukwuemeka) who was arrested by the TC Sheriff Office in the US has since been granted bail with a total bond of $7000. He risks 7 years jail term if found guilty.

This office gathered reliably that, this is not the first time Chukwuemeka whose father was the former Nigeria High Commissioner to Singapore will be committing such heinous crime in the US.

“When he was at the College, he was the ring leader of the three Loyola students arrested in connection with several attempted robberies in Uptown, they were said to have held up fellow students, terrorizing them for money at gun point, according to a student who said he was a victim.

Revealing further, “On the night of Sept. 26, a Loyola student wishing to be identified only as "Jay" came forward and reported that he'd been the victim of a bizarre stick-up drawn up by a group of males driving an "older model, black Nissan" with "Texas license plates," on the corner of Freret Street and McAlister Drive in the late-night hours of Sept. 22.

According to Brendan McCarthy of the Times-Picayune, court records show that Finance junior Chukwuemeka Anigbo, management freshman Mohamed Diakite and Biology freshman John A. White had been driving around Uptown neighborhoods by the university in a black Nissan Altima with Texas license plates, demanding money from several people at gunpoint "in a misguided hoax."

Although New Orleans police arrested them during the early morning of Oct. 4, in connection with the several stick-ups they reportedly orchestrated on Oct. 3, something similar happened to Loyola student Jay two weeks ago. Jay later filed a police report with Officer Elmer Johnston of University Police, he said.

The third incident unfolded near the corner of Lowerline and Hampson streets, the Times-Picayune reported. A rear seat passenger waved a handgun at a man walking on the street and demanded his wallet, court records said. The man then hesitated, and "again one of the students demanded his wallet," McCarthy wrote.

A judge set Anigbo, Diakite and White's bonds at $250,000 and scheduled a preliminary hearing for Oct. 18. All three face prison sentences from five to 48 1/2 years long for each of the several counts police charged them with.

Since we cannot reach Chukwuemeka in the US, we did get across to his retired-diplomat-father, Ambassador Chike Anigbo, whom we learnt has been settling the bail bond to cover the shame, in his words, the diplomat has this to say, “this is so shocking, in fact I don’t know where you got this story from, is it my Emeka or another one, the boy that came out in flying colours in the University, he made first class and he’s presently pursuing his masters in the US, and if you must know, he has been offered a job with GM Motors”, the father told us.

We however dug further to get across to his school and we were told that the Loyola University management actually suspended the students for seven days and barred them from campus, Associate Provost, M.L “Cissy” Petty confirmed in a news release and after those seven days, they went through judiciary hearing before the University Board of Review for possible sanctions or additional disciplinary actions which they didn’t disclose.

We’re still digging further as our news antenna has been tuned in the direction of the case in the US, we shall keep you updated as events unfold.

Jite Usman

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