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Monday, 25 November 2013


The 2013 African Patrons Cup may have come and gone but those who witnessed the tournament will not forget in a hurry, the passion, techniques and dexterity  Alhaji Sayyu Idris Dantata, the Founder/Chairman of MRS Holdings Limited demonstrated at the pitch. The money bag whose oil firm prides itself as one of Nigeria’s largest and leading marketers of refined oil products was shuttling between Abuja, Lagos and Kaduna where the tournament held, and these he did with his private jet whenever his team was playing, he would hurriedly change into his MRS Jersey 1 or 2, mount his horse with team mates and storm the field like one who’s playing to save a life. The trained mechanical engineer, who started his career as the transport director with the Dangote Group and rose through the rank in the organization was the cynosure of all eyes at the international polo tourney winning more fans from spectators as the commentators wouldn’t stop chanting his name “……Sayyu….Sayyu Dantata is with the ball….. And he scores!” Those were the way the commentators described him and the crowd will then sing his praises, he would shake hands with his expatriate players before they continued the match. This went on till the Chief Executive Officer of the MRS Group and polo patron took his team to the final. The final was however tougher than than what they bargained for as the host club Fifth Chukker led by the Chairman Prince Adamu Atta won by a wide margin.“I have been playing polo for more than 30 years now. I learned to play very early as a child – it is a family sport. My current handicap is +4 and I mostly play here in Nigeria. My most memorable tournament so far has been the Lagos Open in 1984. Having participated in so many events now, at this point one only hopes for a successful tournament, free of injuries and accidents! My favourite horse is called Iyabo. She is a local breed, and I personally believe she is better than most of the thoroughbreds I have. I think the future of polo in Nigeria looks bright. There are a lot of up and coming players and I think there is a great deal of talent yet to be discovered. I would like the future to be focused more on polo ‘the game’ than the controversial stories that surround it. I am the founder and Chief Executive Officer of MRS Holdings Limited, which deals in the oil and gas industry. We are one of the largest and most successful downstream operations in Nigeria, and we are expanding. In the past few years we have acquired Chevron Nigeria and Texaco Nigeria. I think the future of the business looks great – one always has to look on the bright side”, The billionaire told National Enquirer's Faith Irabor recently
about his passion for the sport.

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