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Monday, 25 November 2013

Man Swallows Female Undergrad For Money Rituals!

It’s rather appalling that no matter how much noise that’s made about security consciousness, a lot of people would still fall victims in certain circumstances. This particular incident is quite heart rending. It’s a story of a young female undergrad of the Ebonyin State University who was lured by an alleged occultist to have a swell time at his hotel lobby after a friend’s party, and no sooner had they gotten to his suite than he transmuted into a giant python and swallowed her up. Though it might sound surreal, or like something from a movie script, but pictures they say, never lie! The man’s identity  was difficult to ascertain because of his transmutation and that of the girl too, but eyewitnesses say that the people who checked into the room where the giant python was eventually found, were an average aged man and a young student, and were most likely from the university, as that’s a hot spot for the students, the hotel  which is in an obscure area of the town is notorious, and residents have long be complaining about it but nothing has been done.
We gathered that when the hotel attendants waited for the occupants of the room to check out and they didn’t, they had to forcefully open the door and were shocked to find a huge python with a woman in its belly. The police were informed but could do little or nothing on getting to the scene. However it has remained a puzzle to the people, and we are still working on the story, but in the mean time we urge young girls to be more security conscious especially in this yuletide season… as they say, “the zenvironment is tight and boys are not smiling!” may God help us all.


  1. There's something about the story and the picture.how did dey knw that its the man who swallowed the woman and not the other way round?let's assume the hotel doesn't have suveilance,but even d discription of d people who checked in doesn't make sense.I'll like to see d concluding part of this story.

  2. Besides,how did they know its for money rituals?also when whoever changed into a python didn't dey hear d screaming of the oda person?abeg dis story get Kleg.

  3. Rubbish story. Ppl will just be writing lies to generate traffic. Abeggi


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