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Wednesday, 11 April 2012


The ongoing war between two of the strongest voices in MO-HITS records, D Banj and Don Jazzy seems to be endless even from our latest discovery. There is no gain reminding our darling readers of how the news spread like wild fire especially when the hit producer Michael Enebeli a.k.a Don Jazzy practically confirmed the rumours about his on-going rift with Dapo D’Banj Oyebanjo on the popular social networking site, twitter. The past weeks have however been a very interesting period for some of their rivals in the industry as their ‘breakup’ will mean the end of  D’banj/Don Jazzy domineering era while others who share a close relationship with the two are trying everything possible to bring the bosses back together without any head way. Another development that further proved that the conflict between Don Jazzy and D’Banj is like a war without end is the intervention of the Governor of Lagos State , Babatunde Raji Fashola who we learnt summoned both parties in a move to restore the seemingly unshakable bond. Insiders revealed that none of the two men honoured the Governors appointment. The petroleum minister in the federal capital territory, Abuja, Mrs. Dieziani Madueke who we learnt is like their godmother, according to an impeccable source, also intervened, hoping they’ll see reason and possibly resolve the conflict. But close friends say too much water has gone under the bridge, and bringing them back right now looks more like a herculean task. It’s more messy and dirty than you think, one insider tells us. They aren’t on talking terms, it’s that serious. I doubt they want to see eye to eye anymore, at least for now. Another source also revealed that D’Banj, who was in the country last week, left for the US few days ago and the reason was to avoid any possible means of settling them. The producer, who was reported to have been staying with Dr. Sid at his 1004 residence when D’Banj suddenly locked him out of the house they both used to stay, has now relocated to a super expensive Duplex in NICON Estate, also in Lekki.
We’re told he may have coughed out nearly N30M for the new place.
Despite all the happenings, the Mo’Hits crew seems to be keeping quite a busy schedule-Dr. Sid (who now seems to be Don Jazzy’s right hand man) has professed his alliance with the producer. Don Jazzy is the most important piece of Mo’Hits who doesn’t get the credit he deserves, without his creativity a lot of things will not exist, Sid said via Twitter, in an apparent support for his boss.
Meanwhile, Wande Coal recently premiered the video of one of his singles ‘Private Trips’ which has received positive reviews. And as if to confirm our report on the new clique: the quartet of  Dr. Sid, D’Prince, Wande Coal and Jazzy were in South Africa penultimate weekend for the launching of Samsung’s new HI-Fi sound system which Don Jazzy reportedly helped design. D’Banj and his brother Kay Switch were conspicuously missing even though our investigations revealed that the deal had been signed and sealed before the Mo’Hits brouhaha reached its peak.

Mohits Break-Up Latest
Don Jazzy`s Dad Flies In From Dublin
 The recent break-up of the nation`s biggest musical group, Mohits All Stars is sure a set back and has sent a bad signals to the development of the entertainment industry in Nigeria. This is so because, at a time when the country is meant to be basking on the euphoria of its artistes` unprecedented records and heroic achievements in the music industry was when one of its prides-a strong entertainment empire which is living it up amongst world`s showbiz business got broken up.
 There`s no gain saying the fact that, the sudden fall in the Mohits All Stars empire lives more to be desire as industry watchers are still amazed at what can possibly set spanner at works to the extent that, none of them deemed it fit to sheath the swords until it got out of hands.
But in what looks like a beacon of hope, the man who`s like a back-up, somebody who has been the engine room of the Mohits boys, in person of Don Jazzy`s talented father, Chief Ifeanyin Collins Onwuneme Enebeli a.k.a Grand Pa who lives in Dublin, Republic of Ireland is in town.
The fine man of style who`s ageing gracefully breezes into town last week and from what we hear, his swift reaction to fly in might be unconnected to the sad story of the Mohits break up. Sources confided in us that, Grand Pa as the entertainment guru himself is fondly addressed plans everything for the Mohits group and there`s hardly anything they do behind him.
Severally, the Mohits entourage has had cause to break their journey on their way out of Nigeria to storm Dublin, just to see Grand Pa and get his blessings and advice for anything they want to do, so when the rumour of the hullabaloo that eventually degenerated to their separation was whispered to Grand Pa, he was said to have called all of them to order but when it looks like things are getting out of control, the old man had rushed to town out of his wisdom to pour oil troubled water.
As at press time, Grand Pa is said to have berthed at Don Jazzy`s new multi million naira abode at Nicon Estate, VGC, Lekki, Lagos but D`Banj we gathered is out of reach for now, he`s in far away America otherwise he would have honoured the man who he has a lot of respect for and has taken them like his biological children.
We gathered further that, the ball is not in Don Jazzy`s court as the gangling music producer is humble to a fault and will not want an empire which he has laboured to build crumble but any which way, he`s a Don just like his name, he calls the shot any day and remains master of the game as a thoroughbred entertainer.      

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