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Monday, 12 March 2012

My Crush On RMD, Yemi Awomodu And…Tolani Oshinrin

The name Biodun Okeowo might not ring a bell among enthusiastic lovers of Nigerian movies but Tolani Oshinrin the name that launched her to limelight is sure a household name in the Yoruba movie industry. The beautiful mother of two is one of the hot actresses in the movie industry having acted in many movies. She recently spoke to Enquirer`s Faith Irabor. In the one on one chat, the talented actress revealed the reason behind her separation from the father of her two kids, her rumoured  secret marriage plus pregnancy, what she shares with one of her male colleagues Kunle Adegbite, her alleged intimate lover. Come along
How did you find your feet in the movie industry?
Actually I studied Communication Arts at the Lagos State University  (LASU) so I developed  this serious flair for the profession and it was what really motivated me and if it wasn't acting, I would have probably be in broadcast because those are the two careers I hold dear to my heart. I started acting in the year 2006 under Ray Eyiwunmi Organization and to God be the glory, I have been discovered and still hoping for more.
How best can you describe yourself?
Yeah my name is Biodun Okeowo popularly known as Tolani Oshinrin, am an actress cum producer. Am more of an introvert but trying to come out of my shell lately by attending events more because a lot of my colleagues complain that I don't honour invitations. You can call me a mixed grill who can't prescribe herself. I am seventy percent of an introvert and thirty percent of an extrovert, I could be temperamental but I don't keep grudges.
Can you still remember the movie that gave you the break?
I will give it to my very first movie as a producer titled Tolani Oshinrin though movies like Opin Irin Ajo, Oke Owo also contributed to my fame.
Why do people consider you to be very arrogant?
(Expression changes)  Really? O my God! Am not proud but the truth is am not a party person and most people don't like me for this and that was why I told you that I am more of an introvert, though  I am working on it seriously.
Could you say your upbringing was responsible for this?
Yeah to some extent because I happen to come from a very humble background, I am what the Yorubas refer to as the grass to grace girl. I wasn't born with a silver spoon at all.
So where is everybody?
My mummy presently lives with me here in Lagos, my dad lives in Ogere, Ogun State, he's a prophet. I have four brothers and I am the only lady.
That sounds interesting, what do your brothers do for living?
They are all married. One is an Engineer, one of them works with Lagos State Inland Revenue, I have another one who's into furniture works, and the last one works in an organization in Abuja as a Chef, and please don't expect me to disclose where o. (general laughter)
Where are you from and what's your religion considering the fact that your father is a prophet?
I am from Ogun State, Ogere to be precise and I am a Celestial by religion
Basically how has the journey been so far?
I thank God for his favour though it's not been easy. I am not there yet and I pray for God to take me to a higher level in my career this year 2012 because I am not satisfied yet.
 What does style means to you?
Style for me is not putting on what A is putting on but rather fashion is putting on the outfit that best suits the outing you're going for. Fashion is not meant to emulate anyone, it's supposed to be in you, it's pure creativity.
As a mother of two kids, what do you do to ensure you stay in shape?
I make sure I go to gym and I avoid beef, milk, I don't eat late or heavy meals and I try as much as possible to drink lots of water because I have the tendency of getting fat.
You've not really disclosed why you're separated from the father of your kids and there was even a rumour that you've secretly remarried and even pregnant?
 Well due to the nature of my job, there's always the tendency for rumour and let me use this medium to clear the air that I have not remarried let alone getting pregnant. Then as per my marriage, let also state here that Biodun Okeowo has never been married. I have my two kids out of wedlock so I wasn't married to the father of my kids.
Are you saying your bride price wasn't paid or the man in question never indicated his interest of marrying you in the first place?
Not at all.
But why did you go ahead to get pregnant for him twice when you knew you would end up not marrying him?
Let's just say God understand the best but all I will say is just had to quit because the relationship didn`t work out despite all my effort.
Or could it be that you were getting pregnant for someone else`s husband all along?
Not at all, he's never been married.
So how do you cope taking care of the kids alone?
It's really not easy and that is why my mum lives with me because she helps me take care of them when am not around.
How old are they?
They are twelve and eight years respectively. (a boy and a girl).
That would lead me to this question, you've been reported to be romancing another colleague of yours, Kunle Adegbite, is it altar bound?
Well Kunle is a colleague, a friend and everything to me and I won't say more than that.
Can you still remember how you met?
We met in the year 2006 immediately I finished my first production titled Tolani Oshinrin.
How would you describe him?
Kunle is a nice guy, he's just there.
Will you agree to marry him if he asks your hands in marriage?
(Laughs) there's no such thing between us.
So are you in any serious relationship at the moment?
So is he likely to propose soon?
Yes I am giving marriage a shot soon but I wouldn't want to disclose how soon and if you must know am opting for a secret wedding.
Why or is he somebody's husband?
(Laughs) he's not somebody's husband o… but I have my reasons for wanting a very quiet wedding soonest.
Can you remember your first crush in the movie industry?
(Loud laughter) I used to remember when I was coming up I used to have a serious crush on Richard Mofe Damijo though I have gotten over it, then in our industry it was Yemi Awomodu, he's travelled out now. But I have also gotten over him too.
Did you get to act with him before he relocated?
No, he left before I joined the movie industry.
What's your turn off?
I hate being insulted, if I offend you, I prefer you calling me to scolding me in public because it makes me cry.
Can you share an embarrassing moment with us?
I will never forget the one I had when I was still coming up in the movie industry. There were three girls that I ran into one day and one of them was like, that's Tolani Oshinrin and one was like who the hell is she, I don't know her and the other two were like let's say hello to her. The lady replied them saying common let's go, is she Fathia Balogun that you want to say hello to. I felt really embarrassed and I later said to myself that I know I will be a notable actress one day.
Do you have any projection this 2012?
Yeah, I just want God to lift me to the standard I can maintain because sometimes one gets to a level that is above him or her.
Is there any wrong that you would want to right if you have your way?
Well, when someone is still alive, I believe there's still hope so I can't correct any wrong when I don't know what tomorrow have in stock for me.
What about physically?
I would have loved to be a taller person.
So which part of your body do you cherish the most?
I will say my hips.
How old are you?
I am in my mid thirty's
Can you remember when you had your first ever kiss?
(Sigh) it was in the year 1999 to be precise but I would not want to say my age.
Ok were you in your early or late teen?
(Laugh) I was a bit above twenty years old then.
What about the first time you had sex and sincerely who dis-virgined you?
It was also about the same time and it was with the father of my kids.
Wao! Then why don't you want to marry him?
Because it just didn't work out.
Do you want to talk about your latest production?
Yeah, I just produced a new movie titled Ife Si Ere. The movie paraded top stars like Fathia Balogun, Ayo Adesanya, Lola Magaret, Madam Saje, Kola Olaiya, Kunle Adegbite, Damola Olatunji and a host of others.
Who directed it?
Kunle Adegbite did.
How do you get money to produce your movies and who's marketing this one?
My new movie would be marketed under Native Entertainment. As you know I am a commercial actress and I don't eat with all my ten fingers and  I am opening my wine shop very soon.
It's been nice chatting with you
Thanks Faith

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