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Monday, 12 March 2012


Currently, this is the hottest gist coming out of the Gateway State. We can report that there's a bitter acrimony going on between the fearless Iyalode of Egba land and Proprietress of Lawson Group of Schools and fellow Egba kinsman and founder of Taidob College, Dr. Yomi Jiboku. And this is authoritative.
According to inside sources, all is certainly not well between the two Egba illustrious sons of the soil but it's a kind of battle that is fought maturely, quietly and diplomatically. They maintain a cosmetic relationship and greet each other when necessary but it's obvious that they are on a war path.
We gathered exclusively that the bottom line of the matter is the alleged betrayal of trust on the part of Dr. Jiboku, who according to our sources is related to Iyalode Lawson from the maternal side.
Sources further revealed that during the dark moments of ex-Gov. Daniel's administration when Chief Lawson luckily escaped assassination and went into hiding for her dear life, Dr. Jiboku allegedly admitted some students who were brought from Lawson's school into his own private college, Taidob college.
And an action which did not go down with Chief Lawson considering the strong bond between the duo and since that incident happened, both parties have kept their distance.
According to sources, Chief Lawson has not forgiven Dr. Jiboku for his act of betrayal in her hour of trouble. And recently she confided in some close friends how bad she felt by her own brother's betrayal who is now seeking her financial assistance.

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