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Friday, 3 October 2014

What Does AIG Joseph Mbu Really Want

It has come to our notice that, the former Commissioner of Police, Mr. Joseph Mbu (now AIG) who was transferred from Rivers State to Abuja in a controversial manner on account of his partisan involvement in the Patience Jonathan/Governor Amaechi's brouhaha has practically become a terror ordering the arrest of media practitioners in the country.

The super cop who's believed to be a cousin of the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan 2 days ago ordered the arrest of one of AIT's presenters, Amaechi Anakwue for referring to him as "controversial" on the popular programme, Matters Arising last wednesday and as if that was not enough, the man has been re-arrested shortly after being given bail and charged to court for defamation in an Abuja law court.

There's no doubt that, Joseph Mbu is only flexing his muscles to show that he has the President's ears, more so, he's just been promoted to an enviable Assistant Inspector General of Police-AIG post-so, he needs to let the world knows.

If I were Joseph Mbu, I wouldn't tow this line of action to get noticed, I would have mounted pressure on the powers-that-be of which everyone believes am close to and get the highest position of the Inspector General of Police-IGP.

This would have given him not just a befitting honour and enough media exposure to bask on but a reputation that'll stand the test of time instead of this cheap style of using a sledge hammer to kill an ant.

Our man, Amaechi anakwue has been charged to court for doing nothing but his duties and we're sure nothing will come out of Mbu's spuriously overzealous action, we'll leave the judge to take a position but Mbu and his lots should know that, members of fourth estate of realm are not their "wanton boys" and cannot be "killed for the birds", we're men of honour going about our reportorial duties with high sense of dignity and strict professional convention.

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