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Friday, 24 October 2014

NBL Shares Health Importance Of Beer @ Media Executives’ MBA Class

L-R-Agenmonmen, Malomo, Atinmo and Anozie

TPT's Toks Modupe leading the team

Cross section of the executive students @ the MBA class
Beer intake especially its reasonable daily consumption, before or after meal has been said to possess some vital supplements to aid human healthy lifestyle. This was brought to fore in the on-going 4-day lecture/seminar organized for media executives by the management of frontline brewer, Nigerian Breweries Limited.

Quoting a World Health Organisation source, a Professor of Human Nutrition from the University of Ibadan, Prof. Tola Atinmo who’s one of the resource persons that delivered papers at the seminar has come out to endorse a 60g intake which represents 1 to 2 bottles of beer as daily prescription by the World Health Organisation.

“With its contents, as analised by nutritionists, I think Beer can be a source of our healthy lifestyle, even the World Health Organisation-WHO prescribed a 60g intake which corresponds to 1 t0 2 bottles a day”, the erudite scholar told journalists at the symposium.

Tagged, Media Beer Academy-MBA and put together by one of the nation’s leading public relations gurus-Tokubo Modupe of TPT fame, the colloquium unveiled the ironic origin and history of the iconic alcohol beverage-Beer as well as x-raying some of its potential importance as a source of human well-being and livelihood if taken in moderation.

The 4-day seminar which kicked off on Wednesday, October 22nd is holding at the NBL’s Technical Learning Centre, Ibadan, Oyo State with revered and reputable nutritionists of long standing academic records from notable institutions of higher learning as resource persons.

The Media Beer Academy, has indeed been an interactive, educative and passion invoking session of select-few journalists from different media with a view to discussing the history of beer, its brewing process and above all its shocking inherent health value.

After the compulsory safety procedures at the Ibadan brewery which was conducted by a tiny voiced lady, Angel, the company’s Marketing Manager, Lager, eloquent Tony Agenmonmen who stood like the moderator introduced the Brewering Manager, Goke Adeyemi for the welcome speech, “why do we drink beer”, a discussion that led to an interesting video footages that told the story of beer as being the most wonderful discovery of all time.

The Brew Master of the Ibadan plant, Ben Anozie was no doubt a master of the game as he marshaled his presentation to deliver how Beer was discovered in former Sumeria now known as the Republic of Iraq by housewives in the 17th century while trying out a variety of natural drinks to impress and satisfy their families. What an irony you would say, the beer drink which is facing religious scrutiny today was discovered from Muslim predominant region and later became an integral part of the early churches.

The well-fed Brew Master, Anozie also shared some of NBL’s corporate social responsibility like supplying clean and super filtered drinkable water to various communities, construction of VVF hospital in the Northern part of the country, and above all the compnay’s economic importance to the society, ‘our company, NBL is not just a market leader in its industry but also cognizance of developments both in human capacity and environmental friendly projects”, he said.    

In his presentation, Prof. Olu Malomo of the Department of Food, Science & Technology, The Bells University of Technology, Ota x-rayed the contents of beer ingredients and emphasized its doctrine of being prepared under very very hygienic condition, “I can tell you everything about beer is hygienic, its preparation and even the water is purer than the ordinary one you buy outside and its contents are diet friendly.         

You can be assured that, beer has no fatty tendency as against the popular believe, at least it hasn’t been scientifically proven anywhere that, pot bellies are as a result of beer intake, in fact, the hash-tag on “beer bellies” should be corrected immediately, nothing like that, beer has been proven to have low calorie content, cholesterol free and capable of reducing blood pressure and it’s also rich in vitamin B as well as having high anti oxidants potency, Prof. Malomo delivered.

In his convincing presentation, the Nutritionist of note, Prof. Tola Atinmo analysed the contents of the four major ingredients of beer, water, barley, hops and yeast. According to him, beer contains 90% of water and we all know what water does to the body, it’s very good for everybody, Barley is a source of carbohydrates and it also contains a natural enzyme called Alpha Amylase which is a very vital ingredient and The Hops has the unique bitter taste and also serve as preservatives in beer while The Yeast is a living organism which can survive with or without oxygen. 

In Prof. Atinmo’s submission, all these vital contents in beer such as carbohydrates, protein, vitamins like folic acid, fiber, water, mineral, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc which have been scientifically analysed by Nutritionists have given it out as having low calorie and has no ability to be a source of fat anywhere in human body. Beer doesn’t have high glacemic index, it’s anti oxidants which means it’s capable of preventing (not curing) some diseases like cancer and so on because of its polyphenol content. Its intake if moderately controlled can be a good diet supplement in our daily lifestyle, Prof. Atinmo concluded.

Meanwhile, the seminar continues as the executive students will soon be taken on a practical process of brewing beer at the Ibadan Plant.   

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