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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Most Embarrassing Moment As A Queen-Fiona Amuzie

She`s no doubt enjoying the limelight bestowed on her once upon a time quiet personality by getting to be crowned as the Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2010. For Fiona Amuzie, being a Queen has not taken anything from the way she lived her life, the only thing that changed, according to her is the fact that, being a former beauty Queen opens doors and the fact that she`s always in people`s inner memory each time she attends social function which she rarely does.
Tracing her educational past, Fiona is of the opinion that she had to leave the University of Jos where she`s studying  Microbiology when she became a Queen and according to her, the reason for this is simple, ` I wasn`t really enjoying the course I was pursuing because I know am not going to do anything with it eventually, so I decided to differ my admission to be able to cope with my reign because I see being a beauty Queen as a stepping stone for bigger things in life`, she enthused.
And to buttress her point, the first step the third girl in a family of 5 took the moment she dropped her crown was to go the way of education, `I know I don`t have any other choice, education is something anybody needs to become anything in life, so all the time I was a Queen, I have been making plans to go back to school and here I got a choice am totally happy with.
Fiona is now a second year student of the University of Coventry, United Kingdom studying Psychology and that`s not all, the drop dead beauty who represented Nigeria at the Miss World beauty competition in 2010 is working on a bigger project she intends to unveil soon aside her NGO, Fiona Amuzie Orgainisation, a foundation campaigning against trafficking in persons and Child-Labour, FOTIP.
Sharing one of her embarrassing moments with us, the fair complexioned ex beauty Queen who hails from Anambra State said, `Ummm….I think this one about the US Embassy when I went for the US visa in full regalia having my crown and everything on, you can`t believe it, they denied me the visa and was able to get it back after my reign, this time I went to the Embassy now as Fiona Amuzie and I got it`, she giggled.
About her choice of man and when she would love to be married, Fiona has this to say, `for me, marriage can come anytime as long as the Mr. Right shows his face wherever he is and as for the type of man, am not choosy, just wants God to direct me to get a man who can cater for me and the family`, she said on a final note.

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