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Friday, 19 July 2013

Darkest Secrets Of Rivers New Speaker, Expelled From Police College

Stunning facts have emerged on the other side and notorious lifestyles of the man who threw caution to the wind, in a respected chamber meant for men of honour, Lawmakers to eventually forced his way by beating fellow lawmakers with clubs and all sorts of dangerous weapons to become the new speaker of Rivers State, Hon. Evans Bokapaye Bipi.
Unknown to many, the lawmaker who`s representing Ogu/Bolo constituency in Rivers State is actually a cousin of the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan and it was on the basis of this that, the man who we gathered is a notorious thug and one of the militants that were given amnesty by the federal government years back.
This office` checks on the profile of Evans Bipi revealed that, the man was in charge of the militants` armoury when they were tormenting the whole nation and shortly after the amnesty, he was given a recommendation from Dame Patience Jonathan who was then the first lady of Bayelsa State to fill the State`s quota at the Nigeria Police Academy, Kano in 2005.
Bubble burst when some armed-to-the-teeth military men stormed the parade ground of the Nigeria Police Academy, Kano where police cadet officers were having their training, that was in 2006 and the person they came for was no one but the notorious Evans Bipi whom they discovered had been involved in so many atrocities and various crimes.
Evans Bipi, this office gathered was whisked away in public glare in heavy handcuffs and this became topics for weeks amongst his course mates at the police academy, though we gathered his godmother pressed buttons for his immediate release, it was Patience Jonathan that “covered” him from being prosecuted, by the time he was sent back to the academy to wrap up his training, the Police Inspector General then, Sunday Ehindero had given the Commandant, AIG Ngaja Egbe Njom (retd.) an order never to allow him stay in the midst of the innocent cadets so as not to corrupt them, he was said to be labeled a bad egg and not fit to be trained as a police cadet officer.
Tried as she could, the IG was said to have shunned Patience who was just the Bayelsa First Lady then and in turn, Evans was absorbed and the rest like they say is the history we`re facing right now. When the Jonathans got to Abuja, Evans was one of the closest ‘errand’ boys of Dame Patience and we were told that the man made so much money that, he started misbehaving until he was positioned to run for an elective office.
And the gist in town now is that, there`s more to this script than meets the eyes as a close source to Dame Jonathan who confided in your soar away National Enquirer have it that, the game has just begun.
Jite Usman.      

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