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Sunday, 16 September 2012

A Word For Mabel Makun-Comedian AY`s Better-Half

Mabel Makun, the very beautiful wife of popular comedian, Ayo Makun of AY fame definitely have something off her sleeves, it`s either the fair complexioned woman is looking for cheap publicity or that she wants to be noticed probably by stakeholders in the movie industry for a possible role.
Are you asking why? Of course this is same question people asked the other day when Ayo Makun`s wife threw caution to the wind by flouting matrimonial rules, she was clad in a provocative long dress that exhibited her mammary glands as if it were for sell.
It was at one of her husband`s colleagues wedding shindig and trust comedians, they had a field day savouring boobs as they threatened to forcefully bolt-out of the tube dress Mabel was wearing.
No one can take away the fact that, Mrs. Makun is a stylish paragon of beauty but such lovely dress goes for an exclusive cocktail party, dinner, red carpet event with high caliber of people in attendance not an Owambe party like a traditional marriage. The offensive dress is indeed not befitting of a married woman and mother in such a setting.
At the event, Mrs. Makun was actually the cynosure of all eyes but it was a tale of different strokes for different folks; whilst the single ladies were envious of her nice, cute, curvy and slim shape, the married must have been so disappointed at the way she exposed her boobs to the attraction of their husbands spoiling the moods at the party and trust the single men, they feasted on her chest and the oranges almost fell-off the tube.

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