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Monday, 27 February 2012

Minister’s Son Bags 6 Years Jail Term For Murder, Drugs In Cairo

Minister’s Son Bags 6 Years Jail Term For Murder, Drugs In Cairo
 One of the two sons of an erstwhile minister of the federal republic of Nigeria who’re schooling in a British University in Cairo, Egypt has been jailed for 6 years over his involvement in intake of hard drugs resulting to the death of a fellow student and only son of a top female customs officer in Nigeria. And this is authoritative.
 According to impeccable sources, Faisal Bala Kaoje, the eldest son of the former Sports Minister and Kebbi State gubernatorial aspirant, Alhaji Bala Kaoje was recently sent to 6 years imprisonment over the death of one Zeeyad, the only son of a rich female customs officer in Nigeria (nameswitheld)
This magazine gathered reliably that, the silverspoon dude who’s just 22 was kept at Tura Ambar Ziran detention for months while his case was being prosecuted before he was finally given a 6 years jail term last month, January, 2012.
We gathered reliably from close sources in Cairo that Faisal who appeared so innocent is a spoilt brat, and that in fact, he headed a quite but dreaded secret club whose members are sons of top money bags across the globe.
The source offered further that, it was he and in his palatial room that boasted all the super amenities of this world who allegedly forced the gentle boy, Zeeyad to take the drugs (cocaine) excessively to the extent that, he got knocked out and eventually passed on.
Though there are other members of the dreaded club who were arrested by the Egyptian Police authority, we gathered reliably that, two of them, Kalifa and Kamael had since been released courtesy of a Kano based powerful and influential businessman, Loman Danbata who we cannot say authoritatively if he’s their father for now.
 On his own, Faisal’s father, Alhaji Bala Kaoje also tried but the politician was so heart-broken that,  he doesn’t want to be part of it at all even though he visited a couple of time and made some money available for lawyers if they could try and safe him from his predicament, all at last were to no avail.
In our usual style of investigative journalism, we took the pains to get in touch with Faisal’s politician father, Alhaji Bala Kaoje in his base in Abuja, and the man was as blunt as ever, “look, I don’t know anything about it, what do you want me to do to this, my father gave me a thorough upbringing and good education so that I can become somebody in life, the choice was mine, I followed what the old man planned for me and today I am somebody to myself and my family. As in the case of this boy, I provided everything he needed for him by sending him abroad to go and study, so he decided that, he’s going to follow bad gang, so what do I do, to kill myself, no I can’t. am undeterred…even I don’t know how you got to hear about it because it’s been kept under wrap ever since it happened but I can tell you it won’t stop anything about my career. Anybody who wants to write about the story should go ahead but you should be very careful because I will go to any length to defend my name, nobody can say Bala Kaoje has indulged in any wrong doing including fraud of any sort, so if you want to write the story, be careful, you’re free to write that Faisal Bala Kaoje is in trouble but you must not link the story to me in any form because it is not me and I don’t know anything about it, period.” His words when we visited him.
Investigation into this story continues as we are bent at feeling the pulse of the top female customs officer who we gathered has vowed to get her own pounds of flesh and also the whereabouts of the other two suspects, Kalifa and Kamael whose godfather bailed their way out by inducing the Egyptian authority.

Jite Usman         

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