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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Petroleum Minister, Allison Madueke’s Sons Acquire Private Jet In U.S

Petroleum Minister, Allison Madueke’s Sons Acquire Private Jet In U.S
Stunning facts have now emerged on the stupendous wealth and fabulous lifestyles of Nigeria’s Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Dieziani Allison Madueke and her family members.
The woman whose sister is being alleged to have bored President Jonathan one of his sons, on which account we gathered she’s enjoying a chumming ‘double’ relationship is no doubt one of those wielding the nation’s ruling scepter, and this we can authoritatively reveal.
And to corroborate this, his sons, Ugonna, Chimezie and Chima are inching to make the benchmark to be part Forbes’ next edition on Richest Silverspoon Kids in the world if information at our disposal is anything to go by.
The well fed dudes unknown to many are show stoppers in the U.S where they hobnob with topflight music stars and notable celebrities who woo them for friendship.  And it might interest you to know that, these super rich kids cruise in their own private jet and stretch limos to the detriment of Nigeria’s oil proceeds and tax payers’ money.
People in the know disclosed that, they’re always the cynosure of all eyes at most top-rate events in company of their friends like Neyo, Cecil Hammond and Nigeria’s music star, D Banj who they lavish Nigeria’s money together.
Though in their defense, a close family source offered us that, the Allison Maduekes and Diezianis are very rich starting from the family head, Rear Admiral Allison Madueke and even Dieziani’s father. They also went further to remind us that Dieziani did not only work in Shell Petroleum for many years but rose to an enviable position of top executive management, and these, according to the source are what qualified them and their sons to live like kings in the U.S.
But when this office beamed a searchlight on Dieziani’s background to start with, we found out that, her father, Chief Agama Dieziani is not stupendously rich as they may want us to believe afterall, the conservative old man is just an average upper class man in the Nigerian contest and as for her husband, Rear Admiral Allison Madueke, you may say that, he might have made a lot of money as a military governor like his ilk, but how much would he has made ever since he left active soldering that may justify this kind of opulence.  
And if they want to justify that, this strange wealth came from Dieziani’s earnings as a result of her meritorious service as a top executive in Shell Petroleum, we might want to therefore proof that, even managing directors of oil companies that we know today are not private jet owners let alone their children.  
 Dependable sources told us that the story in town is that, the Petroleum minister, Mrs. Dieziani Allison Madueke allegedly exports crude oil using two companies run by his brother as fronts. This company, we gathered, without previous history got a $50m facility from a first generation bank after just one month of incorporation.
Sources in the U.S revealed that, the cheapest Private jet (brand New) anyone can get in the market is $17m with a maintenance overhead of about N82m annually. These strange lifestyles might not far from the reasons the Senate has advised that, the Petroleum minister resign her appointment in order to allow proper investigation into the probing of the ministry.

We Shall Push For A Yewa Gov. Soon – Hon. Akinlade Abiodun Isiaq

Asiwaju Akinlade Abiodun has been an administrator as far back as 1993 at various blue chip companies before venturing into politics in 2002. Since 2003, he has been an honourable member of the House of Representatives representing Yewa/Ipokia Federal Constituency. During the last general election he was a guber aspirant on the platform of PDP but later dropped his ambition to contest again for the House of Reps on a different party ACN, a position he had occupied since 2003 on the platform of his former party PDP. The politician who flaunts various chieftaincy titles had a chat with MURPHY FADAIRO where he talked about his drive to serve his people, scorecard, political change in Ogun state and his dream of having one of his kinsmen, a Yewa indigene becoming the governor of Ogun State one day. Enjoy the excerpts.
You’ve been a three time member of the House of Reps and we have heard of your scorecard; what would you attribute your stewardship to?
Firstly, it has to do with the intention and the zeal to serve. Going to the National Assembly, I have a mission and that is to serve my people. And that intention is what gives me the courage and determination never to derail. Don’t also forget that where I come from which is the Yewa/Ipokia constituency is the most marginalized area in Ogun state. And if you come from that area and I find yourself in a position of authority; the best you can do is to serve and never fall below your peoples’ expectation and also contribute your own quota to the development of the area. That is the zeal I have in me and it is still there.
This is your third time in office; if you were to measure your performance how much of dividends of democracy would you say you have given to your people back home?
I wish I can blow my own trumpet but I am not like that. I think the most important area I have concentrated on which has always been golden to my heart is the issue of employment generation. As I am talking to you today, I have been able to facilitate employment to over 83 people from my federal constituency. About 50 of them are staying in my house in Abuja. Not only that; for the first time in the history of Yewa land they now have federal government presence like federal government institutions, health care centers, roads, solar street lights and the rest. In the next five years, people will start enjoying what we are doing. Without mincing words I think you should direct the question to the people and let them tell you if we have delivered or not.
You were part of the old government PDP but today you are in ACN; how would you compare both governments in terms of developmental projects in Ogun state?
Yes, this is a new government but we should not be in a hurry to compare them. I keep telling people that we should not expect magic from the present government. They are just over 100 days in office; we should still give them some time to perform before we start comparing them with the past PDP government. Government is continuity; we should give ACN the element of doubt to perform first, then maybe after a year or two we can now start comparing them.
Just recently, we heard the PDP vowed to wrestle power back from all the ACN South West controlled states; to what extent do you think your party ACN can hold on to power in the South West?
No party can hold on to government; the only people that can determine the fate of any party are the masses. Any party that wants to hold on to government must do people oriented programmes. That is why ACN is the party to beat.
But looking at this statement coming from a former PDP member, a party you rode on its back for two terms in the House of Reps between 2003 – 2011; will it be right to say that as soon as the problems in the Ogun PDP is over you will go back to your party?
Let me make this straight here; I know my first and second term in the House I got elected through PDP. I was also a gubernatorial aspirant of PDP before I crossed to the ACN where I was also initially a gubernatorial aspirant but later settled for the House of Reps. It is all politics and the main intention is to serve my people nothing more. Only God knows tomorrow.
Are you still loyal to Otunba Gbenga Daniel?
I am only loyal to Almighty Allah.
So far, there have never been a Yewa governor in Ogun state; as a son of the soil, do you see yourself contesting as a governorship candidate in 2015?
Only God knows what will happen tomorrow but I can tell you and say it anywhere that I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that one day, very soon a Yewa indigene will become the governor of Ogun state.
But we hear from close quarters that you have been endorsed as the next governor of the state; how prepared are you?
Is it not too early to talk about 2015 when the present governor hasn’t even started yet? All I will say is that only God can endorse anybody.
But we hear ACN imposes candidate on the party; what if you have been anointed?
ACN is a party in Nigeria and we are operating according to the tenets of the Nigerian environment. Let us savour this moment and deliver the dividends of democracy to our people. 2015 will be what God has destined it to be.
There have been calls from some quarters that the Speaker of the House of Reps Honourable Tambuwwal should resign; how are you guys reacting to this?
Nobody can make the Speaker resign. Hon. Tambuwwal was elected by the majority of the House. There is a process in electing leaders in the House and if he must be removed he must have erred in a way and until that happens, he remains the Speaker. No organ of government, not even the executive can remove him.
How would you rate the Nigerian Media?
The Nigeria media is doing great and a lot. What I hope is that the media can do more of investigative journalism rather than rumour journalism. Whatever is read or seen on TV is what the average Nigerian believes and that is why one has to be very careful. You don’t have to be sentimental in reporting the news. We must ensure that we carry the news exactly the way it is and accurate.
It’s been nice chatting with.
Pleasure is mine, you’re most welcome.

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