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Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Biggest Dream Is To Storm Hollywood – Susan Peters

My Biggest Dream Is To Storm Hollywood – Susan Peters 
She is one of the few actresses making Nollywood tick. She takes her trade beyond the shores of this country and she no doubt knows her onions when it comes to the make-believe world. A widely traveled actress who believes that as a Nigerian actress, she will one day be in the midst of Hollywood stars breaking bounds and making professional statement, acting wise. She shuttles between Nigeria, United States and the UK from time to time to the extent that one begins to wonder if these trips are all for business or pleasure but from what we found out, it is for the former. Interestingly she spared some time with Enquirer’s MURPHY FADAIRO on her way to the United States of America penultimate week and she talked about issues her fans have been longing to know about her, her kind of man and probably what it takes to win her heart. Enjoy the excerpts.
You hardly stay home these days; you are always on the move traveling here and there. Is this all about work or business?
It's a little of both; I am always looking for new ways to expand my business and career. The fact that I am a Nigerian doesn’t mean I should limit myself to the four walls of this country. We have to look at opportunities to widen our horizon. That is what I am doing. I may be in the country today and the next day catch the next flight to the United Kingdom or any part of the world. It’s not because I enjoy doing this but it has to do with making moves and utilizing opportunity when it knocks on your way. The world is now a global village and we all have to follow the trend. So traveling for me is all about the business.
These days you get more of international recognition rather than home awards and yet you hardly feature in today's movies; how do you do it?
Honestly I would have to say I am blessed. My international recognition is purely me promoting myself, making the right contacts and working with the right people. I am going to be sincere with you, some of these awards come when I least expect them; some I get calls from the organizers that I have been selected to receive an award. I will say it is the Lord’s doing or something I will say it is my time to get rewarded. After all we have been in this trade for some time now so it is only normal if the awards start coming.
Can you still remember the movie that brought you to limelight and how did you get the role?
It was a series "DOMINO" and I went for audition just like any aspiring actor would do. I won’t say one person or a known producer influenced my career. I heard about the audition, went for it and I became part of the crew. That was it and after DOMINO I got calls from other producers to feature in new works. It has been like that till date. I thank God for where I am today. But DOMINO sure opened the door for me in the movie industry.
At a time you disappeared from the screen say between mid 2000 and late; was it deliberate and what were you doing then?
I never left; I was behind the scene and working on my other projects. You should also know that I am a business woman to the core. So when I am not on a movie set; I am either taking care of my business or doing other profitable ventures.
Other projects such as?
When they start unfolding you will see. I wouldn’t want to let the cat out of the bag now. There is a lot more to come from me honestly.
You must have other businesses you do apart from acting; what is the source of your living large?
Yes; I model. I do adverts and own a salon and a boutique known as Suez Place
You share the same name with late American actress Susan Peters who died in 1952; is your birth name Susan Peters and where are you really from?
Yes, Susan Peters is my real name; I am a Nigerian. I hail from Idoma tribe in Benue state. It is just a coincidence that I share the same name with the late American actress.
Do you have any new project you are working on?
Yes. In a matter of days I will be traveling to the US to shoot a movie
 How come you are not a brand ambassador to multinational companies like most of your colleagues; at least you have got the looks?
Everything happens in due time. My time has not come yet but it will soon.
 What is that thing you won't be caught doing?
I would have to say acting a nude scene.
 Even when the price is right like say for a million dollar?
I will not for any amount of price. My body is the temple of God and not for sale. Our culture doesn’t allow it and moreover we are not Americans.
 Is there any man in your life?
No; not at this time.
 Why; I am sure you will get countless offers from would be suitors?
I agree with you but I think now is not the time for marriage for me. I still have to take care of many things before I think marriage.
How soon or far do you think marriage will come for you?
At some point it will happen. I honestly don’t know when it will but am sure it will happen when the time is right.
What do you wish to be remembered for?
My giving heart.

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