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Monday, 13 March 2017

Actresses Ini Edo, Ruth Kadiri Dragged Into Apostle Suleiman’s Weird Sexcapades

Damning facts have emerged on the sizzling escapades of the controversial preacher and man of God behind Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleiman with some Nigerian actresses as frantic efforts by the pastor to wriggle out of the murky waters, by any means necessary, seem to be meeting brick walls.

The travails of the man of God might be likened to the word of God in the book of Luke 12:2-3  which says and we quote "But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. "Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the hous

According to an impeccable source who confided in National Enquirer, the embattled artiste, Stephanie Otobo might not be the only character in the whole episode of Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s alleged amorous affairs with female church members, most especially passion for actresses with heavy front and back, it looks like there’s more to this bizarre life of a supposed spiritual leader than meets the eyes. If you’ve not seen the latest about how Stephanie Otobo tackled the man of God, then see this:

And in just less than 2 weeks, stunning facts have poured in on the alleged randy lifestyle of the nouveau-riche preacher whose Omega Fire Ministries church has branches in most countries of the world. With the revelation of the Canada based budding singer, Stephanie Otobo and recently others on the alleged sex romps of the Apostle, the doors have now been left ajar for many other victims who have been shying away to share dirty expose, thereby casting aspersions on the integrity of the pastor.

National Enquirer gathered exclusively that, top on the list of Apostle Suleiman’s secret date is actress Ini Edo who’s said to be a smooth operator “in the movie”, the superstar actress, we were told sings the pastor’s praise quietly on social media while enjoying the “beats” including the lavish pecks of being a mistress, Ini, the source offered, didn’t care a hoot who the pastor sees or not seeing as long as she gets her own share of the jumbo tithes.

Ruth and Chika

We gathered reliably that whilst his alleged affair with Ini Edo lasted, the pastor was said to have jumped at sultry actress, Ruth Kadiri a.k.a Puchu who became one of his best in ‘bedmatic’ adventures. The sexy and well-endowed Ruth, we gathered swings both ways, she’s said to have a steady relationship with a boyish looking lady, Chika Kalu, a Clothier and brain behind KnR. (Ruth’s orgies with the tomboy is a story for another day). The source told us that, with Ruth’s kind of weird life which is what the pastor desires, the stage was set for the man of God whose passion for steamy erotic adventures know no bound.

We were reliably informed that, along the line, the award winning Puchu (Ruth Kadiri) got to understand the preacher and kind of girls he likes, so she introduced Daniella who was one of her closest persons as at then, and together they began to sail, coasting home millions in cash, material things and worldly accomplishment.

Daniella's mansion in Mende
Daniella's car bought by the man of God

They were showered with abundant gifts, foreign currencies, power rides and what have you in return for ‘heavenly’ satisfaction to oil the man of God’s spiritual inspiration but all these didn’t take so long before the actresses betray each other. We cannot really identify who betrayed who as at the time of filing this, but we learnt Puchu backed out while Daniella laughed the last, she was all smiles at the opening of her multimillion Naira boutique, Dopes Accessories on 12 Admiralty Way, Lekki Lagos which was said to have the blessings of the man of God.

This, together with a wonder on wheel, the controversial ML450GL and the choice property, a prime mansion in Mende, Maryland, Lagos are part of what she got from Apostle Suleiman before she also veered off when she couldn’t tolerate his unending appetite any longer. Daniella was soon to meet another man, a US based dude who bought her the new Range Rover car and no sooner she took the delivery of that, than she registered the 450ML for uber ride to bring in more money.

It is not in doubt that most Nigerian actresses live larger than their earnings, on the face value, many of them are not even known while majority have not featured in major movies to commensurate their stupendous wealth. Ruth Kadiri for instance is a talented thespian, a screen writer, producer who has acted alongside A-listers in the industry but still, her lifestyle, in her brief sojourn of less than 10 years cannot be said to be at perpendicular with her luxurious life of super-wonder-on- wheels like fx35 infiniti, and limited edition of Range EDGE among other cars she cruises about town aside producing most of her movies and flying first class flights with lavish apartments.

“”How much are they getting as actresses, how many films has she acted in, 50, I learnt and how much was she paid in total to buy latest Range, and other cars, that’s what everyone of them do, selling their bodies and engaging in weird sex life, Ruth is even better, who’s that Daniella, she should come out and tell us about her films, pack of professional prostitutes’’, the source who claimed anonymity slammed.

Her IG Posting

According to what Ruth Kadiri professes as the meaning of success in one of her postings on social media when she was flaunting her power ride, “ to all the artist’s, (it should be artistes, whatever she meant), storyteller’s (storytellers), creative’s & magic-makers…to be successful, you don’t need a beautiful face, heroic body, what you need is skilful mind and ability to perform (star sign). As a artist (it should be as an artiste), everyone can walk and talk, our job is to have the ability to perform and create magic!!!(star sign). If you don’t take a risk, then how are you going to make something really beautiful, that hasn’t been SEEN before? (don’t know in what context now). The most important key to acting and performing is curiosity, we must be curious!!! I DARE YOU TO LOOK DEEPER WITHIN YOU!!! (star sign). I see that you’re wonderful, enchanting, fabulous, spectacular, talented, extraordinary, bewitching, charming, funny…Give it a try whispered your skilful mind…Embrace your life (she must have just returned from the mountain here because all these grammar didn’t make any sense here). Those are what success means to Ruth.       

As at the time of this report, Ruth and Daniella who used to be best of friends are best of enemies and while Daniella has moved on with her U.S based new beau, who she might have got pregnant for if really she is, nothing spectacular is known about Ruth’s life except for her partner, Chika.

In our facts finding mission, we tried to get both actresses to react to the issues raised but Daniella’s phone was off while our conversation with Ruth goes thus: “”hello Mr. Jite Usman, can you please text me everything you have to say, am going to shoot right now, just text me and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible””, her words when we rang her line. We did send her a long whatsapp message and waited for 24 hours before we went to bed.

Jite Usman

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