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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Ondo Lawmaker In Trouble Over $10m Money Laundering Scandal

One of the Lawmakers, a member of the House of Representatives  representing Owo/Ose federal constituency, Hon. Omosule Eniolorunda is no doubt in trouble and the former PDP member who’s among those that defected to the ruling APC earlier this year has been running from pillar to post to find a lasting solution to his present predicament. This much National Enquirer can reveal.

According to inside sources, the greedy lawmaker, Hon. Eniolorunda may have bitten more than he can chew as he’s said to be involved in a money laundering controversy to the tune of a whopping Ten Million (US) Dollars ($10m).

Though, details of the money laundering deal are still sketchy, bubble burst, however when this office stumbled on some vital documents believed to have leaked from some of the aides of the federal lawmaker who’s said to have been so elated of late over the new deal which we gathered is over $10m.

According to the contents of one of the documents, dated July 27th, 2015 and which was duly signed by the lawmaker with his passport photograph affixed, it shows that the lawmaker may have just taken delivery of a certain consignment, from no-where we don’t know yet, but there’s an indication that, it may likely contain American dollars.

The documents also have vital information like the lawmaker’s house address in Abuja given as 144 Zone A Apo Resettlement Area, Abuja, mother’s name, father’s name, next of kin and so on. And in our facts finding mission, we did plan to start investigations by cross checking the authenticity of the documents since there are certain facts and figures like the address on the letterhead but we decided to get in touch with the Ondo born politician and his response was quite appalling. Below are the excerpts of our conversation with him:

Hello sir, I am a reporter from National Enquirer and my boss has asked me to talk to you regarding certain documents which contents we can’t really fathom. Sir, the contents of one of the documents have your passport photograph affixed on it with what supposedly looks like your signature and other vital information and what baffles us is that the contents of the luggage, according to the information on it, is money, do you by any chance know anything about this sir or it is just a mix-up? And the man goes, “Eh! How and where did you get the documents, photocopy or original, where are they, did you see it, where are you now, please talk, he queried. Sir, am in Lagos, the reporter replied. Okay, now that you have this document, and you yourself said it’s very vital, what do you want to do with it, the honourable demanded. Sir, my boss asked me to talk to you for your response, okay, have you people talk to the SSS about it? SSS? Not sure we have any business talking to the SSS, we’re just investigating on our own for publication. Okay what do you want from me, he asked apologetically, just come down, talk to me, are you a Yoruba man, he asked further. Yes, but I don’t want anything sir, just your response.

Then, there was silence for a while, and this reporter was like, “hello sir, are you there?”, Yes am here, am actually here, look, I know what to do for people like you, look! this case has already been reported with the SSS in Abuja and also Police in Lagos are aware of it, you guys are 419, you have to help the police in their investigation, you have to tell them how you got the documents, now give me your name and whoever sent you, am going to ask the SSS to close in on you, you have to help them in their investigation, send me your office address now, it’s even good, am coming to Lagos next week, I have some things to clear in Apapa, I’ll call you, then we can meet, his words.

After his threat, we told him we’ve been recording our conversations from the beginning and later sent him the full names of our editor, his phone number and office address with descriptions. We however gave him the benefit of doubt to turn up in our office, make a call or send the SSS as he had boasted but it’s been 10 days and we have a job to do. We’re still holding on to the other document for further investigation in our print edition which hits the press next week. 

Jite Usman.    

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