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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Exclusive! Amazing Features Of The Beast, World's President Official Car

The US President's car is called The Beast, it is an 18ft long Chevrolet Kodiac based Cadillac badged limousine often referred to also as Cadillac One.
The bodywork of the 5ft 10inches high limo is made from a combination of dual hardness steel, aluminium, titanium and even ceramic to break up possible protectiles. Though the driver's compartments of the $300,000 worth of wonders on wheel consist of a standard steering wheel, the dashboard contains a communications centre and GPS tracking system.
The driver's window of the 6.5litres diesel engine is tough enough to withstand armoured piercing bullets. The only window that opens, by just 3 inches so the driver can pay a toll or talk with secret service agents running alongside.
It's rear seats have an executive package featuring fold away desktop, laptop computers with wi fi, state of the art satellite phone and direct line to the Vice President and the Pentagon.
The stunning features of the US Presidential vehicle makes it clear why the Secret Service wants to unleash the Beast during President Barack Obamas Republic Day outing in Delhi.
The power ride is fixed with defence accessories equipped with night vision cameras and pump action short guns and also armed with tear gas cannons.
To crown it all, bottles of the President's blood type are kept on board in case he needs an emergency blood transfusion.
The Beast is no different with its eight-inch thick body armour plating and five-inch thick bulletproof windows which insulate the President from all sorts of threats including chemical attacks.
That's not just all, the chauffeur is trained by the CIA to cope in the most demanding of driving conditions. 
Its doors weigh similar to those on a Boeing-757 aircraft. It's rear compartment seats 4 passengers with glass partition-and only Obama has a switch to lower it. These windows are larger than the previous presidential cars and there's a panic button for the President to summon help.
The petrol tank is armoured plated and filled with a specially designed foam which prevents it from exploding even if it suffers a direct hit. And the boot holds oxygen supply and a fire fighting system.
The eight-tonner runs 60mph on shred and puncture resistant Kevlar-reinforced tyres with steel rims underneath which ensure that the vehicle does not come to a halt even if its tyres get damaged.
Even the fuel tank is covered with a special foam that negates any possibility of an explosion. Apart from acting as a security shield for the President, the imposing vehicle has also been used to make political statements by successive Presidents.
Underneath it's chasis, a reinforced 5 inches steel plate runs under the car for protection in the unlikely event of a bomb being placed under it.
 In the recent past, Obama had the vehicles number plate carry the message Taxation Without Representation to reflect the demand of the citizens of Washington DC to have representation in the US Congress. (With PTI inputs). That's all about Cadillac One, the CAR that thinks it's a tank.

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