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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Troubled Home! Real Reason Tuface Kissed Ex, Pero Adeniyi In Public…Sunmbo Ajaba’s Connection

The union between one of Africa’s most respected artistes, Innocent Idibia and wife Annie Macaulay, is experiencing a major hurly-burly and may deteriorate if caution is not applied, this much our office can exclusively reveal.  

Tuface and Annie, National Enquirer reliably gathered, have started experiencing their fair share of marriage turbulence though the couple appears as made in heaven lovers before the public and cameras. In-depth findings revealed that the marriage which came as one of the biggest surprises in the entertainment industry  following the musician’s entanglement with three women (Sunmbo Ajaba, Pero Adeniyi & Annie Macaulay), that produced six children, began to be troubled when Annie allegedly reneged on her part of the terms and conditions binding the union.

According to an insider who confided in National Enquirer, prior to Annie and Tuface’s court wedding which was their first official step into matrimony before the traditional and lavished Dubai wedding, it was agreed that she will accept the “products” from his other “babymamas” as hers and show them same love and affection she will show her own children.

Annie our source further explained also accepted to respect the musician’s decision to keep cordial relationships with the mothers of his kids for the sake of the fruits between them (whom he doesn’t trade for anything whatsoever) even though these women belong to his past.

“As a matter of fact one of the reasons Tuface agreed to end up with Annie, as he had initially called it quit with her shunning the fact that she had a baby for him too, was because of her affection for all his kids especially his first and second from Sunmbo”, our source narrated.  “Annie then would take the kids out on dates; buy them stuffs whenever she traveled abroad even though she wasn’t sure she was ending up with Innocent. It was this combined with her perseverance plus his mother’s advice that made him proposed to Annie when she list expected”, our source chipped in.
Two years into the marriage and all the above mentioned seems to be a thing of the past as Mrs. Idibia would allegedly not trade her happiness and that of her kids for anything including her step children and their mums!
The mother of two we also gathered now crave for fame, luxurious lifestyle and desperate publicity at the expense of her home front unlike Tuface’s idea of having his wife stay off the public eyes especially the media though he’s not against her acting career and occasional red carpet outings.

These and many more issues, according to our grapevine are reasons the Idibia’s home are gradually falling apart. The most recent of all was the serious fight that led to the controversial pictures of Tuface and his supposed ex, Pero Adeniyi which flooded the internet some days ago.

Narrating the genesis of the whole quarrel, it was exclusively revealed that Tuface had requested that Sunmbo’s kids come to the house in Lekki to honour his first son’s (Nino) birthday so that all his kids can hang out together.

During the cause of the visit to their father’s house, the younger of Sunmbo’s kid, a boy, we squealed got the bed wet overnight as expected of every growing kid at one stage in their lives. Alas! Annie, we gathered packaged the wet, smelly pajamas and allegedly squeezed it in the little boy’s bag together with other neat clothes when they were leaving.

This rather mean act got Sunmbo who is now happily married to Pastor Adeoye mad but instead of throwing caution to the wind, she was said to have picked her phone and spoke to Annie with lots of respect, just trying to see if it was a mistake but she got the shock of her life.

Annie we gathered allegedly flared up raining all sorts of insults on Sunmbo who had no choice other than hanging up. The matter we were told didn’t end there as Annie angrily stormed her husband’s room to harass him about his babymama insulting her.

As fate would have it, Sunmbo rang back but this time, Tuface compelled her to put the phone on speaker and it was surprising for him to discover that, Sunmbo was only pleading in a solemn voice and that she never meant any harm.
 This, we learnt got the musician pissed as it clearly explained that Annie wasn’t happy his kids came visiting and could only vent her anger on their mother who had already moved on and happily married. “Annie and Tuface got into a heated argument over this matter and Annie with the help of her mother, we gathered disallowed Tuface to leave the house by getting the doors locked having sensed that he might go for days or even weeks as his usual style when there are issues, but he later had his way when one of his staff whom he had earlier called arrived”, our source narrated.  

 The entertainer allegedly headed for his Festac apartment where he stayed for days following the serious fight. He also refused to pick Annie’s calls throughout the time he was away from home and it was one of the nights that he was spotted at his club- Rumours with the mother of his three kids Pero Adeniyi Kissing and gisting.

The media and the entire public heaped insults and abuses on Tuface for kissing his ex in public and for also not showing respect for his legal wife the moment the pictures got on the internet.

But our findings have since revealed that things might not be the way we all assumed just like the musician also stated on his instagram page in reaction after the pictures brought insults on him. “See the truth is Innocent loves Annie like crazy regardless of his presumed flirty lifestyle but this has also led to her undoing as he would not tolerate maltreatments of his kids by Annie because they already had an agreement before the marriage thing was finalized” the source explained.

 “Could you believe Annie also strongly kick against Innocent visiting his three kids from Pero in the US ever since they got married”? “She once gave Tuface a surprise visit in the United States when he was away on a business trip just because she sensed he would stop by to see his kids” our source divulged.

Our source was further quoted “Her love for fame has derailed her from being a good wife aside the fact that she smokes heavily even amongst his friends and some family members without caution”.  “And I think she also lost it when she started harassing and insulting Pero who has distanced herself from them with texts and phone calls forgetting that she has three of her husband’s kids in her custody and this might have a role to play in their hanging out that night after a long time.

Let’s hope this will be the last time they will be fighting over maltreatment of his kids or issues regarding their mothers as the couple resolved their differences days ago with the award winning entertainer back home following the pictures story which created sympathy for Annie and made Tuface a temporary sober man.

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