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Friday, 19 December 2014

Can’t President Jonathan Just Resign To Safe Face?

President Goodluck Jonathan must have accepted the fact that he’s falling short of the capability to midwife the Nigerian nation. This can be attested to in the news making rounds this morning when he was quoted to say he gets contradictory messages and advises on national issues succinct to say it’s been all about square pegs in round holes all the while.

The Nigerian nation no doubt has become a Banana Republic where no life is safe to live. Reports being collated by the UN have it that, if things persist the way it’s been going on now, by the end of year 2015, Nigeria might be declared unsafe to live.

You will understand what we’re talking about by the time you watch this very latest video posted by the crude and wicked Boko Haram group. It is one of their worst baseless killings ever where innocent and helpless citizens are being shot in the head, at close range for just no cause in broad day light on a trunk A road that belongs to the federal government.

As a matter of urgency, the Jonathan-led government is advised to declare full state of emergency by appointing military administrators in all Boko Haram ravaged states. This he must do now! Click on the link to view the pitiably sad operations of the serial murderers calling themselves Boko rubbish.

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