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Monday, 18 August 2014

Revealed! Billionaire Jimoh Ibrahim’s Many Troubles …His Weird Biz Empire

Fairy billionaire businessman and one of Nigeria’s most controversial CEOs, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim sure has a date with history. The man who’s warming up to wrestle the baton of leadership from Governor Olusegun Abdulrahman Mimiko of Ondo State has been in people’s court of late owing to his bizarre administrative lifestyles. This much National Enquirer has gathered.

The Ondo State born boardroom colossus who’s one of the nation’s enfant terrible of the business world has his fingers in almost all lucrative sectors of commerce like banking, oil and gas, hospitality, media to mention but a few but the peculiar nature of how the businesses are being run is what’s leaving bad taste in the mouth.

According to inside sources, what makes this baffling is the fact that, most of the businesses the man about town is taking over are landmark organizations like the national carrier, Air Nigeria which the mogul has run aground, others are media houses, National Mirror, Newswatch and Nicon Luxury Suites which are gasping for breath and also the story emanating from Ghana where the Harvard trained lawyer sited a financial institution, Energy Bank is nothing to write home about.

Those close to the Chairman of Global Fleet recently spilled the beans on what could be the probable source of the ups and downs in his chain of businesses. According to them, aside his restless and uncultured administrative style, there’s this strange aura about his personal idiosyncrasies and spiritual being which dates back from inception.

All his life, the source confided further in your award winning tabloid, National Enquirer, that Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim’s life and fortune have always been ominously outlandish right from his first major vocation as the personal assistant to Navy Commodore Oladipupo Ayeni, the first military administrator of Bayelsa State.

Maybe by providence or spiritual miracle, no sooner had his boss, Ayeni left office as MILAD in 1996 than his fortune nose-dived while the P.A started catapulting in wealth and riches, and what the impeccable source found amazing is the fact that, Barrister Ibrahim has since closed all pipes with which the man could reach him for any help thereof.

The situation with his former boss and mentor got worsened to the extent that, the man was hit by a life threatening terminal ailment when he couldn’t live up to standard and was eventually consigned to wheel chair, Ayeni’s wife we gathered visited the business wizkid severally for a possible assistance for her hubby but the outcome is a story for another day.

But for the incumbent governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Navy Commodore Ayeni would have since been forgotten as he (Fayemi) had to quickly rescue the situation by presenting him with a brand new Toyota Avensis car with lots of goodies to keep body and soul together.

This office gathered reliably that despite his vast business empire, there’s always this peculiarity about his queer administrative style which has been allegedly traced to spiritualism.  The dependable source cited a particular strange occurrence, a second degree fire accident that almost sniffed life out of the billionaire business mogul sometime ago.

The dateline was 2012 when one of his marabouts allegedly proposed a ritual burnt offering for him as a lasting solution to his business instability and persistent financial predicaments, and the order had been that he will have to burn a live ram to ashes in the middle of the night without anybody’s attention. At dawn on the fateful day in his VGC house, Barrister Ibrahim sent all his domestic staff to bed early enough and made for the sea front in his compound where the live ram was tied to a stake, we learnt he poured petrol on it but unfortunately by the time he struck the match, the ram smelt rat and went for him and both began to burn leaving almost half of his body ruthlessly consumed.

The source revealed that it was a real drama as Barrister Ibrahim ran helter sketter for dear life but got severely burnt to the point that he couldn’t go to the office for months, telling everybody who cares to listen that, it was a domestic accident at home, the money bag is however being challenged to take a half nude shot of himself should he object to the story.

As if the calamity that befell him on the alleged ritual night was not enough, the marabouts were said to have seen the disaster as a bad omen capable of troubling his business empire and not too long to that time was when the national carrier, Air Nigeria which he was managing was grounded plus so many other strange happenings, looming and which the source has in her kitty to reveal.

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