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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pastor Oladiyun Runs For Cover As EFCC Storms CLAM Over N10m Fraud

 It was like a scene from a Nollywood movie the other day when the senior Pastor of the popular Christ Livingspring Apostolic Church a.k.a CLAM, Pastor Wole Oladiyun and other Pastors of the church took to their heels to prevent being arrested by the eagle eyed operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over a N10 million fraud that’s presently rocking the church, almost to its base.

According to dependable sources, one of the top Pastors of the church, Abiodun Olusola who’s believed to be Wole Oladiyun’s protégé has been apprehended and has been singing in Beethoven’s symphonies at the anti graft’s Ikoyi, Lagos office with indicting statement and facts nailing the general overseer of CLAM.

National Enquirer gathered reliably that, the case is that of a high level fraud perpetrated under religious guise and the victim, Mrs. Seyi Okunola, a super rich married woman who was a devotee of the Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries before she was lured to CLAM has vowed to get her pound of flesh by any means necessary.

”It’s high time we stop all these fake men of God defrauding innocent people under the pretext of offering spiritual assistance and in turn dispossess them of their hard earned sweat, it is just unfair, the government and lawmakers should look into this, there should be a BILL checkmating these dignified marabouts, this smart art of parading oneself as a Pastor to cheat and defraud people must stop”, a close relation of the victim confided in us.

Tracing the genesis of the spiritual fraud, we were reliably informed that, Mrs. Okunola was lured from MFM by one of CLAM’s devotees for worship and spiritual assistance, the woman we gathered had confided in one of her friends of the problems she’s facing in her matrimonial house.

On arrival at CLAM, she was introduced to the general overseer, Pastor Oladiyun who in turn asked his right hand man, Pastor Olusola to take the brief and act accordingly. The woman, we were told divulged her matrimonial problems, how her husband has not been satisfying her on bed for a long time and that she would be so happy and ready to offer anything if her prayers of having him back fully to herself could be met.

Pastor Olusola who the church’s management has denied did pray for this woman in privacy, our source is not too sure he didn’t have her canal knowledge owing to her bitterness against the church and that’s not all, she was asked to part with several millions of Naira totaling ten million, all for no tangible reasons and not until the demands kept coming without an end in sight that she woke up from her slumber and decided to seek redress from relevant authorities.

At the EFCC office, Pastor Olusola whom we gathered was once Oladiyun’s business partner before he became a Pastor had given a confessional statement that, he sowed a seed of N5m into Oladiyun’s account as part of his share of the loot but the Pastor has denied it through his spokesperson, Pastor Tade Adewakun. 

Mrs. Okunola reported the matter to the EFCC and they swooped on the church’s management on a fateful Wednesday whilst the church was having its weekly prayer but unfortunately the top pastors took to their heels.

In our facts finding mission, we sent a text message to the G.O of the church, Pastor Oladiyun on his mobile number 08060954000 for his own side of the story but after two days, one of his men got in touch with us and eventually emailed us the church’s side of the story.    

” Re: N10m Transaction Between Abiodun Olusola

and Mrs. Seyi Okunola

Following enquiries by a section of the media in respect of above mentioned, the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM) formally issues the following statement:
That Abiodun Olusola is NOT an employee of· the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry as being speculated. He is one of the several ministers of the Lord who worship in CLAM during our weekly Deliverance Hour held on Wednesdays from 7am-10am.
That Abiodun Olusola is an independent businessman who neither does his business in partnership with CLAM nor uses CLAM as a platform to transact his business deals. CLAM has never been involved directly or indirectly in any of his business transactions.
We also· would like to state that the other party involved in the transaction in the person of Mrs. Seyi Okunola is only known as one out of the thousands of people who worship in CLAM every Wednesday. There is no further relationship between her and the ministry.

· particular reference to the N10m transaction between Abiodun Olusola and Mrs. Seyi Okunola, we categorically state that CLAM was not privy to it. Neither Abiodun Olusola nor Mrs. Seyi Okunola informed CLAM of this transaction at any stage of its consummation.
Therefore, it· is not true that Mr. Abiodun Olusola donated proceeds from the transaction to CLAM. Also, there was never a time that he gave any testimony on the transaction. In furtherance of its· investigations into the issue following a petition by Mrs Okunola, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) visited CLAM on 22nd January, 2014 during the Wednesday deliverance hour programme. It was a purely routine fact finding visit. The Church’s programme was not disrupted and nobody was arrested.

The EFCC has not in any
· way accused CLAM of complicity in this transaction. None of CLAM officials has also been indicted. Abiodun Olusola and Mrs Seun Okunola have also expressly informed the EFCC that this was a purely private transaction between the two of them without CLAM’s involvement.

is one of Nigeria’s reputable prayer and deliverance ministries. In its 16 years of existence, CLAM has never been involved in any shady or dubious transaction. The Senior Pastor of this great Apostolic Ministry, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, is a man of honour and proven integrity and will never be involved in anything fraudulent.

With the
· submission above, we hereby dissociate CLAM from whatever transaction or case going on between Abiodun Olusola and Mrs Okunola.

Please refer further enquiries to the undersigned.

Thank you.

Pastor Tade Adewakun, Director of Media, CLAM”, their response.

We’re still investigating the story and we shall get to the root of the matter especially as it unfolds from EFCC office.


  1. This is not how Journalism should be practised. You guys are behaving like hatchet men paid to destroy the man of God and his ministry. All your statements and claims are just hanging in the air; they are not backed up with facts or documentary evidence. A critical component of a good story is attribution. You guys never quoted the woman, the pastor or any body. There is even no reference to any statement submitted to EFCC. I have no issue with reporting fraud stories but we your readers expect you to do proper investigation not this sloppy stuff. People have worked hard to build their names and reputation and here you guys are defaming people and writing rubbish in the name of a blog. You better repent before you burn your fingers.

  2. Dear enquirer blogger, good day to you and as your name is pronounced, i think you need to reflect your name by making detailed enquiry and research and investigation before you make any story, rumour or news public...1 Thessalonians 5:20-22. In the first place, the reason why everybody is blogging whatever they like is because lack of regulatory policy and poverty, I mean poverty of the mind. A robust and productive mind will never do anything without thinking deeply and weigh the consequences of its action before any attempt. For record purposes, Pastor Wole Oladiyun is a professional and qualified Engineer who was successful during practice before answering Gods call, and there has never been anytime that anyone accused him of fraud or financial misappropriation. CLAM that he pasture is one of the most transparent and open system of Ministry 'Organization' around this part of the world. Furthermore, the said Pastor Olusola has denied your statement of him mentioning Pastor Oladiyun of collecting money from him because he didnt even know anything about the transaction, the same thing goes for the woman involved and EFCC itself. I think you need some level of professionalism in your career if indeed this is your career as a journalist or blogger or otherwise. We need to be careful in destroying images and reputations, I will recommend for you a course on BRAND and REPUTATION MANAGEMENT...People sweat and struggle to build BRANDS for years, CLAM has being on this journey for almost 20 years and at this point all you can do is to find out who this man is and his vision before announcing any crap. If you want to access him, he is an open and free Pastor unlike some other Pastors in town who builds empire around themselves, so feel free to see him as a Pastor and nothing more. Finally, my advice is from a true life story about a Media house in Ibadan popularly known as Daily ........., some years back around 90's, the newspaper published a story about a Man of God that was untrue, the Pastor overseas a congregation of less than 100, but out of pain and sincerity, he cursed that newspaper, that was the end of that newspaper, till today nothing like that organization again. Dont forget: And I tell you this, you must give an account on judgment day for every idle word you speak...Matthew 12:36
    Remember, Jesus said and I quote, "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it"...Matthew 16:17-19, no power can prevail against Pastor Wole Oladiyun and CLAM and CLAMITES in Jesus name,amen.


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